Oh Hell, Why Not Post This

 From the Washington Post:

I suspect I will not be the only one to carry this story today.  We all know it is not one percent of what he deserves, but it is a start.  I can hardly wait to see the screaming and yelling from the "patriots" in our country.  


Poll P. said…
Putin's decisions aren't looking so good these days.
Grung_e_Gene said…
So far the MAGA response is a collective wet fart.
Green Eagle said…
Gene, we will get into that soon, believe me. I started compiling a Wingnut Wrapup about the Republican reactions to Trump's indictment, but I am not sure I will post it, because as you might expect, anyone out there could have produced the same collection of right wing comments from their own imagination, without reading a word they have to say. The sheer inanity of it is really sort of depressing- I mean, talk about the banality of evil. They know they are dead wrong, and they seem only barely able to mount a defense of this malignant bastard.

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