The Least Interesting Massive Mainstream Press Firestorms of the Month

Will Trump keep Steve Bannon, or will he fire him and replace him with someone equally nauseating?  Will Trump keep Sean Spicer, or will he fire him and replace him with someone equally nauseating?  Will the Republicans keep Paul Ryan, or will they fire him and replace him with someone equally nauseating?

They can play this game forever, and they will.  Every time they kick someone under the train, the ever-cooperative mainstream press will have a thousand opportunities to write stories about how now, everything has changed, and it is our duty to love and obey Trump, and give Congressional Republicans everything their masters want.  This, apparently, is how you create a successful Republican government.

If success is defined Mugabe style as staying in power for years, in a country that you drive further into ruin every single day you are in control.


Tom Sunday said…
Well let’s see now, Citizens United will never be overturned, Gerrymandering will never be fixed, voter suppression is just getting started, the erosion of voting rights will continue and we will never get rid of the Electoral College. So right there we’re pretty much fucked. All of this is made certain by the appointment of Scalia 2.0 But what makes it even worse is that we not only have to fight the Republicans but we have to fight Mainstream Media too. But here’s the real kicker, and it’s a doozie, we have a country full of people whose vote can be swayed by a thirty second political spot.
Now you might think I’m some kind of Gloomy Gus but I’m not. I’m 64 years old and I’ve pretty much been the class clown all my life but it’s pretty hard to be optimistic when the only thing we can look to for our representation in this fight is the Democrats. Scheeeez! I should say though that these Town Hall Meeting explosions do provide a glimmer of hope. So I guess we’ll just see what we see and I hope it turns out that I’m just another dumb ass that was wrong.
Green Eagle said…
Tom, I am sure as hell not turning my blog over to you, because you will say everything I have taken ten years to say in two paragraphs, and then I'll be out of business.
Tom Sunday said…
I check your blog daily Green Eagle and have for a long time. This is the first time I've posted a comment (I think) That should give you an idea of how often I have a lucid thought! :) I really enjoy your stuff so keep it up please!!

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