The Press Takes a Side

And guess which one it is.  Here's a hint, from Fareed Zakaria on CNN, that bastion of the liberal press:

“I think Donald Trump became president of the United States” last night"

And here, I thought he became President when he cheated his way into enough electoral votes, or when he was sworn in on January 20th, or most recently when he managed to read a speech to Congress, in between episodes of making an ass out of himself.    But no, I guess it took the meaningless bombing of an air field in some country filled with brown people, after arranging with two vicious dictators that it would do no real damage, for Trump to become President for real.

I'm not going to waste my time this weekend citing all of the other examples of the mainstream press falling all over itself to portray this tantrum as statesmanship; I just can't be bothered.  We all know this is nothing but an attempt to stop Trump's slide into imminent oblivion, and give his fellow Republicans an excuse to keep him in the White House, until he can put his name on their most piggish legislation.

Because here is another fact that is so secret that there are actually a few dozen people in the country that don't know it yet:  Republican deregulation and giving everything away to the rich is going to devastate our economy, just as it has proven to do every time it has ever been tried, anywhere in the world, under whatever name, throughout all of history.  So they want his name on it, so they can blame him, even though it has been their greatest dream for their whole miserable political lives.

And thanks to that very same deregulation, they own the press!  How convenient.

Leading me to repeat my number one fact of American political life, which I have said so many times that people must be sick of it by now:  The Democrats could beat the Republican party into oblivion without hardly trying; what they cannot do is beat the Republicans and the press working together.


Jerry Critter said…
Bombing someone does not make them a president.
Poll P. said…

Bullworth agrees with you.

I happened upon this movie (in progress) yesterday, and was blown away by how timely it is. The rapping put everyone off during the initial release, but seems ok now, in a post-Hamilton world.
Green Eagle said…
Well, Jerry, apparently it does in a large part of America.

And Poll, I'll try to watch it, although I think my wife has already seen it, so I may have to find a time that I can watch it alone.
Jerry Critter said…
A large part of America is infected with stupid assholes.
Green Eagle said…
Infected or infested...I'm not sure which.
Magpie said…
Why do I keep hearing some idiot or other say he "became president" - with messianic awe - at X moment (before he hits Twitter two minutes later)?
No-one does that. Least of all this least qualified of all presidents.
There is no parting of the clouds and ray of sunshine. No moment of demi-god ascension. There is at best just ordinary people grappling with ordinary problems in an ordinary world full of ordinary dictators and other ordinary people trying not to die shitty deaths.

Anonymous said…
The repuglicans and press hold a full house. kings over jacks.

The Left two pair 9's and 7's.

How can you win?

We are not and not going to.

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