Never Lose An Opportunity

Remember that saying about the PLO under Yasir Arafat, that "They never lose an opportunity to lose an opportunity?"  Well, I'm guessing that Donald Trump is getting ready to have that chiseled into the front of the White House.

Faced with a favorability rating dropping like the stock of United Air Lines today, Trump did the only thing he could: try to start a war.

So, he shot his sixty missiles off in the hopes of getting the kind of kick that rose the miserable loser George W. Bush up to 90% approval, and what happens?  It takes a day and a half for the White House to blast the whole thing into the past, by committing their usual round of public atrocity.

Sure, he will probably temporarily halt his flight path toward a truly Cheneyesque approval rating.  He may even get his numbers from 36% positive all the way up to a stellar 40% or so, at which point the mainstream press will of course be trumpeting about how he's turned everything around now, and is a real President, with the American people at his back, but I can't see it going much farther than that, except in polls like Rasmussen, which are more Republican propaganda artifacts than anything based on reality.

One more chance to act "presidential," i.e. sane, washed away by, well, more insanity.  So now, in a couple of weeks, the slide down the chute will continue.  Well, don't worry, because the White House announced that they are sending a huge naval task force to Korea, where he will be ready to sacrifice a few hundred thousand lives to keep his grip on his office.  That's where we are headed- does anyone now doubt that?


Green Eagle said…
Once again, Green Eagle, reading his e-mail on his laptop managed to accidentally delete a comment. Here it is, from Professor Chaos:

"It was really sickening to see the press fawning over his firing of missiles, saying he's "presidential" now."

Well, it was certainly that, Professor. However, I see two new stories in the news today about connections between Trump people and Russia, so I suspect that if Trumnp's $80 million dollar sideshow worked, it was only for a couple of days. Trump's treason may just be too big a shock to be shoved under the carpet.

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