Worth Thinking About For a Few Seconds

What would have been the reaction of Republicans and our laughably titled liberal press if Obama, while he was President, or Hillary, if she had become President, had had a $25 million dollar judgment against them for a massive fraud against helpless people?

And remember that they didn't even need a real crime to try to destroy Hillary or Obama on a hundred different lying smears.  Oh, if only they could have gotten their teeth into this!  Obama or Hillary would have been impeached and removed from office in one week.

But no, this monumental act of depravity on the part of a Republican President has been brushed under the carpet and essentially ignored, both by the Republicans and the mainstream press, neither one of which has a shred of honor or decency.

Welcome to Republican America!  And mighty glad to have you, because it seems like no one from anywhere else wants to come here any more.  Well, Trump has certainly found a way to put an end to immigration; after all, it is a proven historic fact that virtually no one wanted to move to Nazi Germany in, say, 1944.


Jerry Critter said…
$25 million judgment against Obama? IMPEACHMENT!
Green Eagle said…
They demanded impeachment for far less, even ignoring the fact that their accusations were total falsehoods concocted by shameless liars.

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