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I've noticed that I hardly seem to post anything these days but really short stories.  This bothered me until I looked at the current news, and realized that there is hardly any analysis needed for things like this:

President of United States says that Korea used to be part of China

Senior Republican says it's okay for the United States to destroy the countries of China, Japan and North and South Korea, as long as we are okay.

Top on air personality at smear factory gets $200 million dollars to lie the American people into electing a dictator, gets fired, but not for that.

President lies to world about where he is sending our navy, in order to bully a foreign country.

Vice President says that it's okay to murder foreign people, in order to send a lesson to other foreign people.

President has as a guest at the White House a person who threatened to shoot his opponent.

President makes remarks indicating he doesn't know the difference between the head of North Korea and the guy's father.

All against a background of new information every couple of days proving that Trump is a Russian traitor, which the press does everything it can to ignore.

And let's remember that all of this covers endless efforts by the Republican party to destroy Social Security, Medicare, environmental and health care regulation and every other thing that benefits anyone but the few hundred rich psychopaths that fund the Republicans.

There just isn't anything complicated about these stories.  They add up to a tale of a once meaningful political party that has willingly turned itself into a corrupt criminal enterprise in league with the nation's enemies.  It's been coming for decades now. Either you are willing to see it (apparently about 5% of the population) or you aren't, but the evidence is right there for anyone to see, and doesn't need complicated reasoning to explain.


Jerry Critter said…
Well, it is a known fact that both Republican and Russian begain with the letter "R".

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