Insanity Reigns

I don't have much to say these days, because it is all so obvious, but can I remark what a terminally dysfunctional country we live in when Trump actually didn't voluntarily start a nuclear war this week, and it is interpreted as a move to the center?


One Fly said…
These are very dangerous times. This man is an idiot and any thing else fits as well. I will be returning to a different country and those who voted and continue to support him are Nazi Rat Bastards and that is not a stretch. There is no being nice.

They just kill in different ways. First one being elimination of health care and they will get something. It's disgusting my country can't feed hungry kids but can do all the other stuff to help the 1%.

The chances are way better than 50-50 we will be shooting fast and furious soon and the call like the last time that we have to unite to support the prez and the country.

Ran across several Trumpers when I was in your neighborhood. I did not and will not associate with these people anywhere unless absolutely necessary. It's a racist agenda they support. I wasn't so proud of my country before and certainly not now.

One Fly said…
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Green Eagle said…
One Fly: I will not delete your comment, because I essentially agree with it 100%. I hope this does not bother you too much, because as far as I am concerned anyone who is not saying this is enabling one of the worst historical turns the world has ever seen. I will not compare our malignant leader to Hitler, because he falls far short of Hitler's ability to turn world events to his benefit, but remember that he has something Hitler never did: 4500 nuclear weapons, and he already has a history of threatening to use them.

Oh, just one objection. I am not sure where the other guy's neighborhood is, but I suspect that in my neighborhood, the deepest Hollywood Hills, you would have to engage in an expedition like Dr. Livingstone's to find "several Trumpers."

All the best to you this Easter, and I hope to see you commenting again here in the future.
Green Eagle said…
P.Sl: I'm ready to dive into that Bistek ala Mexicana right this minute.
One Fly said…
It was a reference to Ajijic Mexico.

When you are endorsed by white supremacist groups and people the likes of David Duke and when the result as an example loss of health care results in death don't think it a stretch to draw that correlation to Germany of that time.

That horrid bastard Steve King of Iowa recently was applauded by Duke. The county I grew up in went 75/25 for him and Trump. I want little to do with that area or those people at this time.

Ajijic was found and populated by ex-military from Texas.

This food can be sooooo damn good and I never lie.
Green Eagle said…
One Fly, again I agree with you; that is why I am pleased to have your comments here. I will add, however, that I have spent the last two decades at least reading everything meaningful I could find about the period reaching from the establishment of the united Germany in 1871, through the collapse of the third Reich, in an effort to understand what happened, and am now trying to move backward to the time of Napoleon via Richard Evans' new book, "The Pursuit of Power:Europe 1815-1914." Evans is such a masterful historian that I cannot recommend the book too strongly, as I recommend above all books about the Nazis Evans' three volume history of them. Maybe being an ex Cambridge student, I am prejudiced, but I believe that if Evans says it, you can take it to the bank.

I do think that there are some substantial historical differences between the US today and Germany after World War I, however. The devastation to both the physical and psychological state of Germany was far greater than anything that has happened to the US, and the economic collapse and hyperinflation of the early 1920's destroyed the collective wealth of the entire German middle class. Right wing economics and political cant have damaged the United States a great deal in the last few decades, but we are still a long way away from that kind of disaster. I think it is also important to remember that, from the period before World War I, political parties on both ends of the spectrum had made considerable effort to assemble large bands of militant thugs, creating an explosive situation far out of proportion to anything in this country. Yes, we have a bunch of jackasses running around cosplaying in the woods and pretending they are militias, but they are as nothing compared to the hundreds of thousands of armed men in the SA. So there are differences, and significant ones. Still, if history never exactly repeats itself, it sort of does, and use of modern propaganda and foreign subversion has led Trump to have a greater percentage of support among the voters than Hitler ever had. And as I said above, there is that matter of the 4500 nuclear weapons. Best to keep a close eye on them, however short they may fall of being modern day Hitlers.
Anonymous said…
We've seen your comparison of Trump to Hitler.

How does Trump compare to Mussolini?
One Fly said…
Not at all in opposition to what you wrote. In fact that would be one of the main reasons the Left is losing. yes we are better informed than many on the Right and that's just being nice. Dems because they know so much are are most of the time right are just as quick in attacking there own as they are the Right just to prove how right they are. Happened a lot to me. I hardly post anymore because it after awhile the constant negatives become to much and is just a bad deal. You don't have to read in depth many times the header is all I need as the details make it even worse.

People several of them I link to I trust and are go to's for the "rest of the story". I like what Bad Tux wrote here and his stuff always as yours for that matter.

And the there's the nukes. I hate these bastards I really do. Surprised they haven't pulled out the neutron bomb.

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