Senators Tank the Treason Investigation

Remember when Devin Nunes was proving that both he personally and the House "investigation" into Donald Trump's clear treason were dedicated to nothing but covering up the truth?  Remember when everyone in the media was saying that it was just fine to have these people collaborating in this monstrous crime, because we were being assured that the Senate investigation was determined to get to the bottom of the whole thing?

Was there anyone out there who bought that?  Outside of the mainstream press, of course, which is paid to swallow garbage like that on a daily basis?  Why, Republican Senator Richard Burr told us over and over again that he was serious about this inquiry, and Democratic ranking member Mark Warner was right there to be a character witness for Burr.  Hallelujah, government was going to function at last!

Here's a disturbing, but totally predictable article from Tim Mak at the Daily Beast, detailing the state of the Senate committee's investigation to date, months after the Trump treason became clear:

"Senate Trump-Russia Probe Has No Full-Time Staff, No Key Witnesses

The Senate Intelligence Committee’s probe into Russia’s election interference is supposedly the best hope for getting the public credible answers about whether there was any coordination between the Kremlin and Trump Tower.

But there are serious reasons to doubt that it can accomplish this task, as currently configured. More than three months after the committee announced that it had agreed on the scope of the investigation, the panel has not begun substantially investigating possible ties between the Trump campaign and Russia, three individuals with ties to the committee told The Daily Beast.

The investigation does not have a single staffer dedicated to it full-time, and those staff members working on it part-time do not have significant investigative experience...No interviews have been conducted with key individuals suspected of being in the Trump-Russia orbit: not Michael Flynn, not Roger Stone, not Carter Page, not Paul Manafort, and not Jared Kushner, according to two sources familiar with the committee’s procedures."

As anyone with a tenth of a brain could have predicted, this is not an investigation, it is just one more step of the coverup, brought to us by Republicans that don't give a damn if our President is a traitor, selling us out as fast as he can to a foreign dictator, as long as he is on board with cutting taxes for rich people; and Democrats like Mark Warner, who are so afraid of being called partisan by the Republican owned mainstream press, that they will avert their gaze from the criminal monstrosity that sits in the White House.

And one more remark from the above article:

“It’s either a real investigation or not,” said one individual with knowledge of the committee’s activities.

It's not. I think that is pretty clear at this point.


One Fly said…
And why aren't the Dims screaming their heads off to somebody? These things most always are a diversion. Give the Left something to think about knowing nothing will happen and all of a sudden several months or more have gone by and their shit they've been pulling goes on unabated.

The Left is powerless!
Jerry Critter said…
Or they have something they want to keep hidden also. Their silence is speaking volumes. It is time for the people to speak up if anything at all has a chance of getting done.
Professor Chaos said…
Well, how much effort are they supposed to put into this investigation? Its just collusion with a foreign power
Its not like he had an affair or something!
Green Eagle said…
1. The Dems are screaming their heads off. Several hundred thousand people marched against the madness last Saturday, but you may not have noticed because the press totally ignored them.

2. Sorry, Jerry, "the people" did speak up, on election day. In a country with a virtually totally controlled media, "the people" can be manipulated into saying whatever the rich guys want them to.

3. Well, really, a Democratic blow job is a far greater threat to all of us than Republican treason.
Carl said…
Here's a great article from Salon:


Apparently helping Communist China is acceptable to the Dems, and Green Eagle adores the biggest traitor in American history.
Greg said…
"a Democratic blow job"

The Arkansas Rapist wasn't impeached for getting a blowjob.

He was impeached for perjury and lying under oath.

Do you think his perjury and lying under oath was acceptable? Yes.

P.S. The Constitution prohibits Presidents from serving three terms. We know some would-be tyrants and dictators get around such prohibitions by getting their wives to run for office and letting them serve as figureheads. That's why Lurleen, wife of the Alabama Racist, was governor of Alabama. That's why the Arkansas Perjurer had his wife run for the presidency twice - she would be figurehead so he could violate the Constitution as real ruler.

Why vote for the Arkansas Perjurer?
Green Eagle said…
Carl, the article you quoted from is from David Horowitz, one of the most shameless right wing liars in the United States. The fact that you have to quote him proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are an ignorant, lying tool.

Now, Greg: Clinton was not impeached for perjury and lying under oath. He was impeached because the out of control, treasonous Republican party made its mind up to impeach him, for the purpose of destroying democratic government in this country. They started trying with the Whitewater smear, as soon as he was in office, and had already tried to gin up phony grounds for impeachment revolving around several dozen alleged wrongdoings, all of which turned out to be Republican lies. His refusing to admit to a short affair in public was the only excuse they could find, and if that hadn't worked, they would have impeached him for jaywalking. Clinton's impeachment was the worst abuse of Congressional power in the history of the United States, made even worse by the Republicans' refusal to do a thing about Nixon't treason in scuttling the Vietnam peace process for political reasons, Reagan's actual, Constitutional treason in the Iran Contra affair, Bush's illegal war of aggression in Iraq, and now Trump's clearly treasonous collusion with a foreign dictator. In fact, with the possible exception of Gerald Ford and George H. W. Bush, every Republican President since Eisenhower has been a traitor, but that is just fine with malignant, anti-American subversives such as yourself.
Edgar A said…
The Republicans made its mind to impeach Obama, but they couldn't find anything. This means that Clinton did it. He said under oath that he wasn't having an affair; that's perjury.

It was impossible for Congress to do anything about Nixon's stopping of LBJ's treason and appeasement of Ho Chi Minh. Ford was a traitor for removing troops from free South Vietnam so he could hand it over to the Communists. Some people say Ford's idiocy stems from his playing college football, but they are those who want to destroy the American way of life by knocking down the NFL.

A teacher and his student can never have an affair because the student cannot consent, the teacher can fail her for saying no. It is always sexual abuse on the teacher's part. Likewise, an employer cannot have an affair with an employee or intern for the same reasons. It is always sexual abuse on the employer's part, Billy boy was the employer, therefore it's sexual abuse.

One can say that the intern initiated it. In that case, it is the employer's responsibility to keep his precious bodily fluids to himself. Because water is polluted, I rely on Lagavulin to keep my thought processes clear and preserve the purity of my essence.

Peace on Earth, folks.
Green Eagle said…
"stopping of LBJ's treason and appeasement of Ho Chi Minh"

A grotesque lie.

"Ford was a traitor for removing troops from free South Vietnam so he could hand it over to the Communists."

Another contemptible lie. The "war" in Vietnam was a criminal aggression on the part of the United States, in which we killed between 2 and 4 million civilians, the largest death toll at the time since the Nazis. Any act taken to limit our involvement there was an act of honor. There was never such a country as "South Vietnam." That was a fiction invented by the United States to justify our war; and by Ford's time in office, "South Vietnam" controlled only a tiny part of the country; the real Vietnamese people had long since taken control of the rest.

"Some people say Ford's idiocy stems from his playing college football"

Another lie. Ford graduated in the top third of his class from Yale law school. For reasons that I won't bore you with here, I had a couple of opportunities to meet with Ford, and have dinner with him. He was an intelligent person, and as well meaning as a Republican politician could ever be.

I want to point out that the Republicans have spent decades attempting to destroy the impact of the word "treason," by accusing Democrats of it every time they do a thing. This is for the purpose of defusing real charges of treason, as repeatedly committed by Republican Presidents, up to and including our current traitor-President.
Zog said…
[Personal note for Green Eagle]

I think Edgar A is attacking Carl and Greg in his own way.

Read all the way to the last paragraph. There is no way anyone who makes two references to a certain movie is being serious. (The football thing might be another giveaway; Rush Limbaugh and some other wingnuts really do believe that liberals are waging a war on football.)

Remember Poe's law? I think Edgar A. is obviously a Poe.
Green Eagle said…
Zog, I am sure you are right. Best to make the facts clear, however.
ez said…
FWIW, I saw Sebastian Gorka (or his body double) this morning while walking on St Martins Lane in London. I checked but could find no discernible evidence of slime followed his path.
Green Eagle said…
Must not have been him.
ez said…
...and now Gorka is History. Evidently enough of a slime trail was visible that he had to go.

Quite the Team the Trump folks have put together to keep us safe, eh?
Jerry Critter said…
All these people leaving the Trump team under questionable circumstances should be raising a multitude of "red" flags.
Green Eagle said…
And you've got to love the latest one: This Gorka guy, who is not only an unapologetic, open Nazi, but who now turns out to have lied about getting a Ph.D.
Jerry Critter said…
Lying seems to be a common occurance in the Trump White House. But then, the White House culture is set by the president.

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