Didn't Work

I guess I should note that Trump's popularity in the newest Pew poll hit 39%, the first time it has dropped below 40% in this poll, and in fact the lowest number a President in his first term has ever hit in the Pew poll.

Those bombs didn't work to stop his slide into Dick Cheney poll territory.  Well, I guess there is only one place for him to go now:
And I wish I could say I am kidding.  I guess there is an actual chance that the military would refuse Trump's demand to unleash a nuclear weapon on some innocent country, but that is just about our only hope, as Trump made it clear in intelligence briefings that he cannot for the life of him figure out a reason not to launch a first-strike nuclear weapon. If things keep going bad for him, we are very rapidly going to reach the point where starting a real, hot war is his only option to preserve himself, and we sure as hell know that the fate of anyone else won't play a part in his calculations.


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