Moderate Republican Takes a Stand

Lindsey Graham, one of the two Republican Senators alleged throughout the mainstream media to actually be sane, spoke out today about Donald Trump's infantile warmongering:

"Yes, it would be terrible, but the war would be over there, it wouldn't be here...It would be bad for the Korean peninsula, it would be bad for China, it would be bad for Japan, it would be bad for South Korea, it would be the end of North Korea but what it would not do is hit America"

An unprovoked military aggression by the United States might result in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent people in four countries, cause massive destruction and result in political disruption and a refugee crisis similar to what we are now seeing in Syria.  But who cares?  None of these people belong to the groups the Republican party panders to, and let's not forget that none of their citizens are white.  So who cares who we kill, as long as we can reverse the decay of support for the worst President in history, and help the Republicans hang on to power, regardless of how criminal they are?

This sort of reasoning truly justifies comparison with the Nazis.  And this is the view of the moderate end of the Republican party.  And remember, the Nazis had a real ideology, however contemptible, which they really believed in.  These guys are doing it for nothing but money and power.


Infidel753 said…
The most frightening part of this is that some of them might even judge the damage to Japan and South Korea to be a positive, since those countries are major competitors of the US in many categories of exports. They may not be bright enough to think several moves ahead to the geopolitical consequences.
Green Eagle said…
I didn't get into this because I thought this abomination deserved a comment as direct and devoid of other issues as possible, but you lead me to mention something I was thinking of as I was writing this: Of course, no one will dare start a war against the United States over this, but I wonder how Americans will feel when our country falls under heavy trade sanctions, explicit, or as is already happening with tourism, just because nobody wants anything to do with us any more. We'll really get to see how well an economy run by businessmen works out.
Dikran Hagopian said…
"deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent people" - Green Eagle

Population figures
Pyongyang metro area: 3.2 million
Busan metro area: 8 million
Nagoya metro area: 9 million
[12 Chinese metro areas between 9 million and 18 million each]
Wuhan metro area: 19 million
Osaka metro area: 20 million
Shenzhen metro area: 23 million
Guangzhou metro area: 25 million
Beijing metro area: 25 million
Seoul metro area: 25.5 million
Shanghai metro area: 34 million
Tokyo metro area: 38 million

We might get hundreds of millions dead.

NOTE: Because April 20 is Green Eagle's favorite day of the year, I will refrain from insulting him.
Green Eagle said…
Dikran, I didn't want to sound hysterical about this, but in fact you are right, and in a worst case scenario the death toll could be vastly larger than I suggested. North Korea obviously could not hit all of these areas, and even those they did hit would suffer far less than total elimination of their populations, but we could still see millions of deaths.

As for my favorite day of the year, I am sure you are referring to 4-20, the day named after the California criminal code number for marijuana use, which has become quite the celebration of pot in this country. Actually, I essentially gave up pot along with other recreational drugs (except single malt scotch) around 1980. By now, I expect it is finally out of my bloodstream. I do wonder if you have been hitting the following rather hard:
Dikran Hagopian said…
No, I was referring to UN Chinese Language Day. It's amazing how your mind leapt straight to drug use.

I don't consume alcohol, as it can cause a potentially fatal reaction with other medication.

绿鹰非常笨 (Don't jump to conclusions.)
Sarah Snider said…
I think Dikran's referring to something that happened in 1889.

And I don't mean the birth of noted Turkish Jewish leader and Armenian Genocide denier Albert Jean Amateau, though it wouldn't surprise me if he thought that was an additional way to insult you.
Green Eagle said…
Sarah, I know what Dikran is blabbing on about. Who cares?
Zog said…
April 20 is also National Pineapple Upside-Down Cake Day.

Do you still partake?
Carl said…
I don't believe Dikran's disclaimer. I think he meant to insult you.

For those who don't know about April 20, Nazis celebrate it as Hitler's birthday (1889).
Green Eagle said…
I know that's what he meant. Too bad for him; nobody gives a damn when he goes off on one of his mean-spirited hate filled tirades.

And sorry, but I have never had a piece of pineapple upside down cake, I'm afraid, although I do still celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate day every September 19th.

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