Tuesday, March 21, 2017

You Are Being Played, Democrats

Big Time.

James Comey!  The single American most responsible for the malignant lies that sunk Hillary's candidacy and put the Traitor Trump in the White House.

Have you heard him utter one word of apology for this monstrous act, or show one sign that he has suddenly discovered what a criminal abuse of power it was?

Now, all of a sudden, he stands in front of a Congressional committee and admits that the FBI has been investigating Trump's treason with Vladimir Putin for months, and he knew all about it, even when he was spreading hideous lies about Hillary.

Can you not see that this crooked son of a bitch is going to now let a few weeks go by and then announce that Trump did nothing wrong?

How can anyone stand still and let one of the chief malefactors in the Trump election theft be portrayed to the nation as a fair minded investigator of his own crimes?

We must have a truly independent inquiry into Trump's behavior, staffed with people who are determined to see to it that the American people hear the truth.  And there is virtually zero chance of that happening.  Welcome to the America that the Republican party has been building for half a century.

A Land Gone Mad

We know now that even the right wing FBI and all of our right wing intelligence services (because right wing is what they have always been) admit that the spies of a foreign dictator were major factors in the election of the man who criminally sits in the White House (well, except on the weekends, when we pay $3 million so he can play golf.)

Hey, so what?

In the entire history of this country, for almost two and a half centuries, if anything like this had happened, this man would be out of the White House and in jail by now, if he had not already faced execution.

But this time around?  Who cares?

We watched as Republicans shouted at the top of their voices about utterly made up crimes that Obama and Hillary had allegedly committed; which even if they had been real would have amounted to almost nothing compared to the high treason that Donald Trump has obviously, beyond the shadow of a doubt, committed.  We watched them demand impeachment and imprisonment over and over again.  Year after year, screams about Benghazi and e-mails, about how he was a Communist and a Muslim, and how she was eternally corrupt because she got paid to give a speech. And no one with a real voice would step forward to put a stop to this disgusting indecency.

The only real story in this country since the election of the criminal Reagan has been the abuse of this country's laws and standards by one party- the Republicans- to cheat and lie and bully their way into power.  Their entire account of history and reality has been nothing but a gigantic, savage distortion of reality, and no one thought it might be a good idea to stop them spreading it.

So, here is the result: a pathological liar, a corrupt criminal in his private life, and now in his use of his office to enrich his family, a traitor who is deliberately destroying our relationship with our allies, while doing anything that a certain foreign dictator wants, a sociopathic sadist who glories in his ability to inflict pain on people, and openly gloats that no one can stop him.  And he is our leader, because the Republican party decided that building a base of wretched, rage and greed filled, ignorant racists was the only way for the rich who are the Republicans' only real constituency to maintain control.

And it's all okay.  And when things go inevitably, disastrously wrong, as they did in the last Republican administration, we all know that the press will be right there to help them blame it on the Democrats.

Yesterday, while the Senate hearings that revealed just the briefest glimpse of Trump's treason went on, Trump himself was tweeting out lies about what was being said in front of the whole nation.  And today, one of CNN's paid political experts came on TV to declare several times that Trump was not lying at all, he was only speaking "Americanese," a language that only the real Americans out in the heartland could understand, not us Commie liberals.

I thought about that, and you know, he was right.  Trump's voters know exactly what he is saying; that it's party time now, time to take out their rage on the niggers and the spics, and the chinks and the kikes too.  That's a message that they can all get behind.  And who cares about a little treason, or even the inevitable depression and wars, when they come with a license to hate?

Monday, March 20, 2017

Wingnut Wrapup

I feel the need to dedicate this Wingnut Wrapup to White House budget director Mick Mulvaney, who, as reported at Daily Kos, as well as elsewhere, had the decency to explain to all of us how the Trump administration thinks:

"We can't do that anymore. We can't spend money on programs just because they sound good. Meals on Wheels sounds great. […] I can't defend that anymore. We cannot defend that anymore."

We cannot defend feeding people who are too old and sick to work.

And as for meals for hungry school kids?

"They're supposed to help kids who don't get fed at home get fed so they do better in school. Guess what? There's no evidence they're actually doing that."

No evidence that feeding kids actually makes them less hungry?

"There's no evidence they're helping results, helping kids do better in school, which is what -- when we took your money from you to say, we're going to spend them on after-school program, we justified it by saying these kids will do better in school and get jobs. We have no proof that's helping."

Oh, I see now.  Who cares if children go hungry?  All that really counts is that they be prepared to "get jobs," i.e. serve a profit making purpose to their rich masters in later life.  And there is just no proof that letting them go hungry interferes with that.  In fact, it might make them even more willing to do what they are told, for a meal.

"Mulvaney says, the "compassionate" thing to do is for tax payers, to "go to them and say, look, we're not going to ask you for your hard-earned money anymore.  We're not going to do that anymore unless they can guarantee that money will be used in a proper function." That, he says, "is about as compassionate as you can get."

Feeding poor people is only compassionate if there is some proof that rich guys will be able to reap a profit from that otherwise idiotic idea.  Well, that is a sort of compassion, I guess.  Compassion for corporate CEO's who might not make a high enough salary if their employees actually expect to be fed.

Well, on we go, although what could top that?  Maybe this bit of interesting information:

"Paul Ryan says he fantasized about cutting health care for the poor at his college keggers... Ryan bragged about how conservatives now have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to take health coverage away from the most vulnerable Americans...

“So Medicaid,” Ryan told (Rich) Lowry, “sending it back to the states, capping its growth rate. We’ve been dreaming of this since I’ve been around — since you and I were drinking at a keg."

I don't know about you, but I do remember going to college.  I do not remember sitting around getting drunk at a fraternity party and hugging myself with delight at the thought of taking health care away from millions of poor Americans.  There is just no end to the degenerate sickness of Republicans.

Katie Pavlich, Town Hall:  "President Trump Wants The Press To Decide Where He Donates His Salary"

Translation into English:  Just like he did with the money he collected for veterans last year, he promised to donate his salary to charity, but never had a shred of intention of doing that until he got caught pocketing the money.  Our moral leader in the White House.

Matt Vespa, Town Hall:  "Halperin: People Have Told Me That Trump's Win Was The Worst Event In Their Lives. Did They Forget 9/11?"

No, they didn't forget it.  9/11 did not succeed in turning the country into a fascist state, which Trump is well on his way to doing.

Katie Pavlich, Town Hall:  "Five Ways The White House Plans to Sell Obamacare Repeal and Replace"

Lie, lie, lie and lie.  Oh wait a minute, is that only four?  I forgot just cramming it down our throats whether we like it or not, when the lies don't work.

Cortney O'Brien, Town Hall:  "New Critique: House Dem Concerned that Trump Is a President Who Stays Up All Night"

I think the concern is that he is an out of control drug addict.  How about that, Cortney?

David Solway, PJ Media:  "The Trouble With Barry...If Obama won't go away, it's time to pursue prosecution."

See, if he speaks his mind, the answer is to throw him in prison.  Democracy, Republican style. Like this:
The proper method of handling those who disagree with you.
Charlie Martin, PJ Media:  "End the Two-Tier Tax System for Health Care..Why health insurance is cheaper for them than for us."

Well, this is a new one.  What Charlie is talking about is destroying employer-paid health insurance.  That would force every American to negotiate with insurance companies on their own.  What do you think the result of that would be?  And I love Charlie, who lives on wingnut welfare, pretending that he is included in the ranks of the uninsured.

Sam Smith, PJ Media:  "Gunfire Erupts in Ferguson after New Michael Brown Footage Broadcast...Police cannot confirm the authenticity of the new video."

Listen, Sam, the fucking Ferguson police can't even confirm that their shoes are on the right foot.

Charlie Martin, PJ Media:  "Radiation Reporters Go Bananas...Radiation reports sound scary until you have something for a comparison."

Like being eaten by a tiger?  This is a story about radioactive wild boars roaming around Fukushima.  I didn't hear anyone going bananas over this, but Conservatives have very sensitive hearing, at least when it comes to lies.

Christian Toto, PJ Media:  "5 Reasons a Senate Run by Arnold Schwarzenegger Won't End Well...Remember why we said "Hasta la vista" to the big guy?"

Actually, I suspect there is only one reason.  His occasional breakouts into sanity were enough to permanently alienate him from the Republican base.

Jim Hoft, Gatway Pundit:  "More Leftist Violence: Massachusetts Man Eggs Trump Tower"

LEFTIST VIOLENCE!!!!  Oh my God, how will we ever recover? A man threw an egg at a building! This story from the man recently granted a White House press pass by Donald Trump.  And a little more from Jim:

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "Sean Spicer Confronted by CRAZED LEFTIST LUNATIC at Apple Store, “Trump Is Fascist.. Criminal” 

See, daring to speak the truth to a Trump toady makes you a crazed lunatic.  And on we go:

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "Harvard Releases Guide to “Fake News” Sites — List Includes Essentially Every Major Conservative Site"

Gee, I wonder why that might be.

Alan Keyes, Renew America:  "Why making socialism 'work' is utterly unacceptable"

Because making this a better country does absolutely nothing to enrich the Koch brothers and their ilk, and that is what government is really for, you rubes out there who vote Republican.  Deal with it, suckers.  Oh sure, the whole thing is going to collapse before too long, but by then, the people who really count will be living in Cap d'Antibes:

Now, isn't that worth the suffering and death of millions?

Michael Bresciani, Renew America:  "Recently, a friend sent an email in which he reminded me that great demonic forces are now attacking the Trump efforts to help our nation. I told him that I agree with him in every point he made."

And of course you do, Michael.  No one ever said you were sane.  Michael winds himself up into such a frenzy of incoherence, that he actually says this:

"Pointing out the immorality of something God declares is an abomination can never be described as – prejudice. It can only be described as political correctness, haven't we had enough of that for the last eight years?"

Wait- read that again.  Didn't he just say that we have had enough of "Pointing out the immorality of something God declares is an abomination..."  Well, whatever, buster.

Christopher Churchill, American Thinker:  "The Liberal Testament of Lies Says ‘Science Is Real’

How could they ever believe that?  Christopher shows a picture that he took of a yard sign:

And says:
"But really, this yard sign is a Testament of Lies. Everything on the sign is a lie; it is a list of bullying lies, non-negotiable demands that liberals want to ram down your throat."

All lies.  But most particularly:

"But the one that struck me was the sans-serif extra-bold condensed SCIENCE IS REAL.
No it’s not, liberals, and it just shows how little you know of science that you would think that."

God, I can't even get up the energy to make fun of that.

Matt Vespa, Town Hall:  "Lindsey Graham: We Should Just Let Obamacare Collapse If We Can't Get A Solid Fix Through Reconciliation"

Lindsey Graham, the nice Republican:  "Let's pretend that we care about sick people, but then when our most crazed Congressmen refuse to go along, we'll just dump the whole thing and blame Obama.

Chuck Baldwin, Renew America:  "Will Donald Trump let Paul Ryan make him a one-term president?"

The real question is whether Ryan will make Trump a four month President, in order to take the position for himself.

Steve McCann, American Thinker:  "The National Health Care Nightmare Ahead...Establishment Republicans have confirmed, through their unwillingness to even attempt to repeal Obamacare and begin reconstituting a free market system, that the Left has succeeded more quickly than they had anticipated"

The nightmare involved in not being able to kick 24 million people out of medical care, so rich Republicans can get another big tax cut.  I don't know how many people remember this, but when George W. Bush took office, the Onion ran an article with the headline "At last, the nation's long nightmare of peace and prosperity is over."  Man, were they right about that.  People ignored the disaster of letting five corrupt Supreme Court justices put a criminal tool in the White House; and what we are getting now is just chapter two of that.

Robert B. Sklaroff and Richard Baehr, American Thinker:  "How to Repeal and Replace ObamaCare ASAP...

One circuitous method to overcome them would necessitate the Vice President  overruling the parliamentarian regarding compliance with budget reconciliation-based constraints, so that TrumpCare could include more features and adjustments to insurance mandates and other ObamaCare rules, and pass by a simple-majority.

It would be preferable to alter the Senate’s arcane rules, thereby neutralizing any such constraints."

"Neutralizing constraints..." Need a translation?  "It would be preferable for Republicans to cheat and lie, rather than miss their chance to screw the American people."

Rick Moran, American Thinker:  "What are the 'happiest' countries in the world?  It depends on how the UN defines happiness."

For example, the UN failed to include the freedom to kick poor people and black people and brown people in the face, which brings immense happiness to Rick's kind of person.  Or, as LBJ once put it, "If you can convince the lowest white man he's better than the best colored man, he won't notice you're picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he'll empty his pockets for you."

James Arlandson, American Thinker:  "Conservative winners and losers in the GOP health insurance program"

Oh, that's an easy one.  Winners?  Rich people.  Losers? Everybody else.  Same as with every GOP program.  James is particularly annoyed by the lukewarm support for the GOP proposal of requiring medicaid respondents, a quarter of which are elderly people, primarily in nursing homes, and over half of which are children, to work to get their medical care.

Silvio Canto Jr, American Thinker:  "We recall this week the 13th anniversary of the start of the Iraq War II. It's a moment to reflect on a decision that still looks correct to me a decade later."

Ha.  Silvio continues:

"For the moment, President Bush gets all of the criticism about Iraq and President Obama gets a free pass from a friendly media"

You know who else gets a "free pass" from the media about the grotesque military blunder in Iraq?  George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, King Henry VIII and Genghis Khan.  Because, like Obama, they had absolutely nothing to do with it.  Bush had everything to do with it.  Get it now, Silvio, or are you just going to go on claiming that lying the country into a three trillion dollar war of aggression that spectacularly failed was a great idea?  Maybe if you keep saying that for a couple hundred more years, you might convince a few people.  I mean beyond the brain dead race haters that make up your base.

Christian Datoc, Daily Caller:  "Gowdy Points To President Obama And 6 Admin. Officials As Possible Source Of Flynn Leaks"

In a hearing that was supposed to be about Trump collusion with a foreign dictator.  But no, any excuse to get that off track.  Of course, Gowdy's claims are as big a pack of lies as they were when his boy Trump first said them, but this is the whole takeaway from these hearings we are going to get from the right wing press.

"It should be noted that Gowdy did not give evidence for any of the names he raised possibly being the source of the leaks."

Evidence? We don't need no evidence.

Christian later goes on to claim:

"Trey Gowdy Drills Holes In FBI Dir. Comey With THIS Question AND A Laser Beam Death Stare"

A laser beam death stare!  Well, I guess he proved his point.

And how could I top that?  See you soon.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

B. Goode

I guess there isn't an electric guitar player worth a nickel that hasn't taken the time to learn this one.

'Bye, Chuck.

And I must also add that, two days ago, James Cotton, the great Chicago blues harmonica player, who I saw a couple of times back in the late sixties or early seventies, also died.  Here's a number from him:

Friday, March 17, 2017

Playing the Trump Card

Get ready for it.  Despite all of the Republicans' efforts to shut things down, every day we get a new little piece of the puzzle of the Trump administration's treason.  At this point the evidence, taken as a whole, is so overwhelming, that you would have to be corrupt or deeply ignorant to deny what is going on.

It is clear that Trump and his manipulators know perfectly well that all that is needed is a couple more revelations, and absolutely nothing will be able to save him but starting a war, during which he can try to intimidate people into falling in line behind him, the way that George W. Bush did.

The Trump administration has been sending up trial balloons suggesting various possibilities, ever since it took office, but it seems that they have now settled on provoking a conflict with North Korea, a country which has as little sympathy around the world as Trump himself has.  Here is our current Secretary of State, blabbing on about the new Trump doctrine toward North Korea:

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson warned Friday that military action against North Korea was "on the table" if the country continued to develop its weapons program. 

"If they elevate the threat of their weapons program to a level that we believe requires action then that option is on the table," he told a press conference in South Korea. 

"Let me be very clear — the policy of strategic patience has ended," he added on Friday. "We are exploring a new range of security and diplomatic measures. All options are on the table."

"Strategic patience," i.e. largely ignoring Kim's impotent threats, is over, and now, I guess, we will be ready to smash North Korea at the slightest excuse, like the playground bully that Trump is.  Well, let me speak some plain truth about North Korea and Kim Jong Un.

Kim with his American buddy, Dennis Rodman

Kim is a thirty year old fat buffoon.  He is supposedly the head of a country that has been run by its military for decades.  Do you think that the generals who head the military would really turn the country over to this idiot?

Here is the obvious truth about North Korea, which anyone with half a brain can see, but which is as verboten in the mainstream press as the suggestion in 2002 that Iraq and Saudi Arabia might in fact be two separate countries:  North Korea is a brutal dictatorship; a horribly impoverished country in which a vast proportion of their national income goes to the military.  Now, anyone who knows a single thing about dictatorships knows perfectly well that a major part of that money ends up in the pockets of the generals, who fully intend to keep things going on that way, which will not be the case if the country is bombed into oblivion.  This little jerk Kim, in fact, is no more the ruler of his country than Queen Elizabeth is of hers; his entire function is to keep the populace in such a state of terror that they do not fight back against the generals' thieving of their wealth.  His inflammatory rhetoric is entirely intended for internal consumption, which is why the entire rest of the world shows the same "strategic patience" with him as you show toward your dog when it runs out of your house and barks at a passing truck.  The world's leaders know perfectly well that the last thing that Kim, and more importantly the people who really hold the power in North Korea, want is a war.  There are only two things that can demolish the generals' con- first, if the people of North Korea figure out that they have been had; that's what Kim is there to prevent.  And second, if some ignorant, brain damaged bully out there decides that it is to his advantage to pretend to take Kim seriously.  So, no one has ever taken his bait.

Until now.  Now, the world's biggest military is in the hands of an overgrown, belligerent, violent sociopath, who really would like to smash someone in the face, just for the hell of it, and who may also be on the point of deciding that starting a war is the only way to hang on to his Presidency.

And you know that the Trump administration is fully aware that, when North Korea fights back against an attack (and they will) the victims will not be Americans, but perhaps hundreds of thousands of South Korean and Japanese people who will likely be killed before things come to an end.  Oh yeah, a bunch of American soldiers will die too, but Trump will care about them as much as George W. Bush did about his American victims in Iraq, which is to say that their deaths will be convenient opportunities for some malignant jingoism and nothing more.  The dead Koreans and Japanese?  The Trump administration won't give a damn about them.  In fact, it might be sort of glad that this monstrosity will alienate the United States from two staunch allies.  After all, it certainly would fit the pattern of deliberately alienating the NATO countries, Australia, Mexico and Canada, leaving our country alone when it is subject to threats from, oh, say, Vladimir Putin, just to pick a name at random.

You might as well let a five year old take the controls of a 747.  Well, fasten your seat belts, people, and set your cell phones to airplane mode, because it's going to be a bumpy ride.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

I read the news today oh boy

So, the nation cannot afford meals on wheels for senior citizens, but we can afford to build more aircraft carriers, even though we own as many as the rest of the world combined, and most of those owned by other nations are barely functional (not large enough for any modern jets except Harriers, which are all at the end of their service life) or scheduled for retirement.

We can also afford $180 million dollars a year, so the "first lady" doesn't have to actually live in that dump of a White House with her "husband."  I'm sure that many of us might have some sympathy with her in that regard, but still, that is more than the annual budget of the National Endowment for the Arts, which is about to be eliminated because it is far less important than Melania's right to live wherever she wants at our very considerable expense.

This isn't a budget; it is a sick joke at the expense of the American people.  The only conclusion that can be drawn from this, if you hadn't figured it out already, is that the Republican party is totally composed of greed maddened sadists.  It is not enough for them to take every penny of wealth from ordinary Americans; they have to deliberately harm them as much as possible in the process. These are truly evil people, bent on a crusade of cruelty and theft the likes of which the world has never seen.

But then, people like me have stood by, watching in incredulity as the rest of the country refuses to see, or at least admit, this obvious truth.  No, we are the Greatest Country on Earth, where lives and jobs and health care and education and infrastructure and freedom and everything else is a hundred times as good as anywhere else on earth, and if we just kick out the coloreds and the people with the wrong religion, our country will keep its place as the nation most beloved of God.  And that pathetic delusion is apparently worth more to the American people than all of the really great things they could have if they would just face up to what has happened to them.

But no.  I read yesterday that the perverted Duggars are angry because one of their daughters is wearing shorts in public.  And that Honey Boo Boo's mother has lost weight.  These are the important things.  The government killing us all?  Not so significant.  So, why bother reading the news?

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The End of an Era?

The following is the musing of a historical autodidact, admittedly, but it's something that I have been thinking about lately.

The nation-state as we think of it was really a product of the age of Napoleon, i.e. the age in which revolution, war and collapse of government brought a pretty decisive halt to European monarchies.  The truly large nation states mostly all came into existence in the century after that:  The United States, Germany, the British Empire in its terminal form, the Soviet Union, Brazil, and only shortly after that, India and China.

Now that a couple of centuries have passed since the demise of Napoleon, I am beginning to wonder if the world can really afford to have countries that are so large and powerful that they can pose a threat to the world that can only be stopped at a price of the deaths of tens of millions.

Maybe it is time to admit that, after a couple of centuries on an even keel, the United States has been so subverted by the rich that it cannot be permitted to continue to exist as a single entity, with the clear threat of turning into a sort of Nazi Germany with nuclear weapons.  Maybe the immense wealth and resources of Russia cannot be allowed to fall into the hands of a single right wing ruler.  Maybe we cannot tolerate a country like China, run by rapacious sociopaths, who cover their corruption with a veneer of popular ideology.  Maybe all of these countries need to be broken up.

In particular, I wonder if it will not prove to be essential, in the next century or so, to split the United States up into several countries, to protect the whole world from its worst elements.  Let the West Coast run its own affairs without interference from right wing demagogues, and let the Northeast do the same.  And most certainly, let the States of the former Confederacy sink or swim on their own, without their endless appropriation of resources from people who hate what they stand for and the way they behave.I don't quite know how to split up the rest, and actually I don't care where they end up.

Well, you get the idea.  The same should happen in Russia, China and India too, if it happens here.  It might make for a happier world.

Recipe for Disaster

This news from Daily Kos today:

"Trump expected to double U.S. ground forces in Syria in coming weeks...The U.S. military has drawn up early plans that would deploy up to 1,000 more troops into northern Syria in the coming weeks, expanding the American presence in the country ahead of the offensive on the Islamic State’s de facto capital of Raqqa, according to U.S. defense officials familiar with the matter. 

That's 1,000 in addition to the current 1,000, and comes as those troops are increasingly being asked to step in to prevent violence between our various semi-allied factions."

Can anyone imagine a situation more likely to end in disaster?  Other than having elected Trump to begin with, of course.  All of our painful experience in Vietnam and Iraq, washed down the drain by a President who probably knows nothing real about either of those military disasters, despite having lived through both of them.  Based on previous experience, my guess is that soon the number of troops will double, and then double again, and then we will be off to the races, caught up to our necks* in a conflict whose hope of a decent resolution is infinitesmal compared to Vietnam and Iraq.  Oh boy, I can hardly wait.

*And need I add that it is really hard to win a race when you are buried up to your neck.

Russia, Russia, Russia

I suggest that you take the time to watch the latest video from Keith Olbermann:

It has been clear for months now, that the endless connections between Donald Trump and Russia are enough to convince anyone not living in a state of utter denial that Trump is a traitor in collusion with the Russian dictator.  Keith lays a lot of it out in this video; what he does not get into is what Trump has actually done for the Russians, in the way of demolishing our intelligence apparatus, deliberately alienating us from our allies, working to destroy NATO, obviously planning to do away with sanctions on Russia, appointing people deeply connected to Russia to our highest executive branch positions, and on and on.

Now, just consider how much immense power the Republicans have to prevent this sort of information from being assembled in public, and any sentient person must come to one conclusion and one conclusion only: that we are led by a man who has accepted bribes or been blackmailed to destroy our country.

And don't tell me about "innocent until proven guilty."  That is supposed to be for juries, in court cases where there are prosecutors honestly trying to present the evidence, and where the defendants do not actually control the justice system.  There is so much evidence that we already have that it is obvious what is going on here.  It's time to bring the whole Republican corrupt house of cards down, but I doubt that anyone is willing to do it, so I guess we lose our country instead.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

When We Will Know That the Owners of the Press Have Decided to Rejoin the World of Decent People

A few random comments on their new, improved health care bill:

"Asked in an interview with CBS’ “Face the Nation” approximately how many people will lose coverage if the American Health Care Act is passed, Ryan replied: “I can’t answer that question. It’s up to people...“People are going to do what they want to do with their lives because we believe in individual freedom in this country.”

 Paul Ryan considers this "freedom", because Paul Ryan is at best an idiot and at worst a sociopath.

"On NBC's Meet the Press, host Chuck Todd asked Price how he could call the Affordable Care Act a "failing system" if millions of people were being covered under the law.

"Can you say for certain that once this bill is passed that nobody will be worse off financially when it comes to paying for health care?" Todd asked.

"I firmly believe that nobody will be worse off financially in the process that we're going through," Price replied. "Understanding that they'll have choices that they can select the kind of coverage that they want for themselves."

Or this:

"Speaking in Louisville, Kentucky on Saturday, Vice President Mike Pence called Obamacare a “nightmare,” and said that Kentucky was a “textbook case of Obamacare’s failures.”

Under Obamacare, the uninsured rate in Kentucky fell from 20.4% to 7.8%.

Now listen: every word the Republicans utter on this subject is a gigantic lie.  We all know this, because we all know that the Republican party intends to take away all of the money which is financing Obamacare, cast tens of millions into the roles of the uninsured, kill tens of thousand of people per year and drive the cost rises of American health care back into screaming overdrive.  And they are going to do it because there is not one single person in the Republican leadership that gives a God damn about the fate of our country; they are all nothing but corrupt members of a criminal conspiracy which exists solely to rob the rest of us into poverty and near slavery, in order to enrich a few hundred families that pay to spread their lies for them and keep them in office.

That is all, and I mean all, there is to report about this story, and the story of every other piggish, monstrous thing the Republican party does.  When the day comes that the "liberal" press starts reporting the news in this manner, i.e. telling the truth, I will consider believing that they exist to fulfill their supposed purpose, and not just to be collaborators in the gigantic, century long plot by Republicans to remake this country as a third world dictatorship.

Monday, March 13, 2017


The increase in uninsured under the Republicans' Obamacare "replacement."

I guess the number speaks for itself.

Pay No Attention to The Man In Front of the Curtain

Donald Trump a week ago:

"How low has President Obama gone to tapp my phones during the very sacred election process. This is Nixon/Watergate. Bad (or sick) guy!"

We learn today from Sean Spicer that, when Trump said "President Obama" he did not mean President Obama, and when he said "tapp (sic) my phones" he did not mean tap my phones.

There is no reasoning with sick people like this.  They need to be destroyed, for the good of all of us.