Monday, January 22, 2018


I present you with this picture of a cave, which I am putting forth to replace the donkey as the official symbol of the Democratic party. 

So, we have two things going on here.  First of all, the Senate Democrats put all of their power in the hands of the Senator from Wall Street, who has no mandate except to keep business going, and that means ending the Republican shutdown as fast as possible.  Second, the classic gutlessness of Congressional Democrats who, even though they are riding on a guaranteed winning ticket, cannot stand up to two days of the press screaming that somehow the public is suddenly going to change its demonstrated opinion and hold the Democrats responsible for a situation which every single sentient person on earth knows was carefully crafted through a year of Republican dedication and effort.

The result?  Schumer and the Democrats ended the shutdown, and pulled out the knife which the Republicans had stabbed into their own hearts, resuscitated them and sent them on their way, to continue the damage they are doing to the country without facing a bit of consequence.  And in the process demonstrated that the Democratic leadership has exactly zero principles, and is barely more concerned about the fate of the country than the treasonous Republicans.

Good work, assholes.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

The Country Has Gone Insane

From the New York Times today:

"Irritated to have missed his big event in Florida, Mr. Trump spent much of his day watching old TV clips of him berating President Barack Obama for a lack of leadership during the 2013 government shutdown"

Most of the day.  And this is apparently okay with the American people.  Remember when it caused a month-long freakout when Barack Obama wore a tan suit in the oval office?

We're fucked, people.

Link courtesy of Mock Paper Scissors.  Damned if I am going to provide a link to the original at the New York Times, which barely has a right to call itself above Gateway Pundit at this point.

Republicans and the Press- Together Again

Just a small sample- today's coverage of the Republican shutdown of the government, courtesy of the Washington Post, which currently passes for the leader of the nation's liberal press.  Here are the three lead stories at the Post as of midday today:

"Moderates race to strike deal and end shutdown before workweek...Trump, Ryan lean on Senate to break logjam on spending deal"

Trump and Ryan, in one of the most preposterous statements ever to appear in the media, are apparently what passes for moderates these days.  No Democrats at all are listed as "moderates-" apparently insisting on positions that 90% of the American people support makes them left wing lunatics.

"Shutdown could hurt Democrats seeking reelection in Trump states"

Not a word on how the shutdown might hurt the Republican party that spent the last year deliberately building the shutdown, and is the only party that can do a damned thing to end it...that is, except for the Democrats, who could end the shutdown instantly by just collapsing and letting the Republican party engage in any corrupt mangling of the government it wants.  But let's see what we can do to blame it all on the Democrats.

"A now-familiar partisan ritual takes on new meaning in Trump era...The deadlock is happening as — and because — the two parties are in the process of reorienting themselves in ways their top strategists once warned against."

"The two parties"  are in the process of reorienting themselves.  What a lie.  The Republican party has been engaged for four decades in stealing the wealth of the country and giving it to the rich sociopaths that pay to keep it in power, aided by press coverage like the above, while the Democrats continue their long term helplessness in the face of the Republican march to fascism.  Nobody is in the process of reorienting themselves in any way.  And the story that the two parties are equally involved in creating this situation, and equally capable of ending it is one of the greatest lies ever told.

Again, I must point out that the press in this country today are not the dupes of the Republicans, they are their collaborators, and as long as everything bad that happens is pounded into Americans' skulls as totally the fault of the Democrats, and as long as the Democrats are, in fact, essentially prevented from responding in any meaningful way, this country is going to continue on its way to disaster, a fate which is not that far away.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Ha Ha, Too Bad Donald

Liberals may have established a well-earned reputation for doing just about everything wrong, but I have to give them credit for their timing in totally devastating the nauseating display of belligerent egomania that Donald Trump undoubtedly had planned for the first anniversary of his inauguration.  Between seeing to it that the government shut down right on time, and the huge turnouts at marches all around the country today, they ruined his weekend of golf, made it impossible to go to his for-profit love fest at Mar-a-Lago, and basically made him look like, well, the worst deal maker in human history.  Yeah, he is still President, and only a few percent of the hate filled idiots that supported him a year ago have faced reality, but at least we were saved from the spectacle of Trump going on TV and claiming responsibility for every good thing that has ever happened in the history of the world, and going on to demand more racism and more greed in the coming years.  Not much, but it is something. 

So, enjoy your cheeseburger in bed, you son of a bitch, and here's hoping that you get to celebrate the next anniversary of your inaugural in prison, waiting for your execution.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Shithole Countries

I actually don't think a word of comment about this incident is necessary.  Let's just not forget that it happened today.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Liberal Delusion Of The Day

From the normally rational Digby:

"The released transcript of Simpson's testimony contains a good deal of interesting information, all of which will be gone over with a fine-toothed comb in the press."

Ha ha.  Whatever on the face of the earth could make you think that, Digby?  I mean, the long existence of your blog proves you weren't born yesterday.

In fact, it's only a day later, and this smoking gun proof of massive treason by the White House, and a concerted effort by Congressional Republicans to destroy the evidence, something that would have once rightly been regarded as the worst political crime in our nation's history, has almost vanished from press coverage.  Instead, the press is devoting itself to hailing the President's one hour phony televised meeting yesterday, as a masterpiece of governing, and can't shut up about how great he is.

The mainstream media don't care any more about treason than the Republican commit, because at this point, the media and the Republican party are two facets of the same thing- a forty year long campaign by a few hundred rich sociopaths to turn our country from a very imperfect democracy into a fascist oligarchy.  They're almost there, and even clear, unquestioned evidence of treason isn't enough to slow them down for more than a few hours at this point.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Bannon and Breitbart

So the press is just full of the news that Bannon has left Breitbart.  What does it mean?  What does it portend?  And as usual, the result, at least on the talk shows this afternoon, emanates from an utter lack of comprehension of the subject, coupled with the kind of knee-jerk inside the beltway answers that are all we can ever expect from the mainstream press.

People who read this blog know that I have read Breitbart, along with most of the other major right wing websites, on an essentially daily basis for over a decade now.  And based on this experience, let me tell you that Steve Bannon was terrible for Breitbart.

The day that Bannon seized on the notion that he could turn himself into a mainstream political power, he began systematically watering down the belligerence and the extreme views that gave Breitbart whatever appeal it ever had, both to its true-believer followers and to, shall we say, connoisseurs of lunacy such as Green Eagle.  I found myself incorporating fewer and fewer things from Breitbart in my Wingnut Wrapup posts, because, in truth, it had become boring.  By the end, I hardly ever found anything in Breitbart worth repeating.

Bannon sacrificed whatever it was that Breitbart had to offer in order to advance his own political fortunes, forgetting the most basic fact of right wing politics: no matter how dirty a game you play, there are always plenty ready to play a dirtier game than you, particularly at that end of the political spectrum.  Under Bannon's stewardship, the blog was doomed to slip beneath the surface of the swamp, drowned by a hundred other blogs not encumbered with Bannon's new-found self interest.  Getting rid of him can only be good for Breitbart.  I suspect that the owners of the blog have known this for a long time, and would have been glad to have an excuse to rid themselves of their jacked-up henchman long before this.  Well, they moved when they had the chance, and I doubt that it had anything to do with Trump or the Republicans or anything else except trying to rescue the brand, into which they have sunk tens of millions of dollars, from the ignominy of only being 95% crazy, and therefore of no interest to the wingnuts of this world.

It will be interesting to see what direction Breitbart takes, now that they have rid themselves of this guy.


Haven't these fucking morons learned anything? 

Oh well, it seems obvious that this particular piece of insanity is subsiding already, praise the lord.

The Most Unlikely to be Accepted Counter-Offer of All Time

In response to indications that Mueller is going to require an interview with Donald Trump, the White House has offered to provide Mueller with a letter from Trump personally attesting that he has never broken any laws of any kind.

I kid you not.  That's their offer.  Well, that should pretty much set everything straight, right?

I just want to say something that I have believed for months now:  The Republicans in the White House and Congress are never going to allow the actual record of Trump's behavior made public.  Instead they are going to hide the testimony from Fusion GPS, and "leak," or to speak plainly, lie in public about what came out at that testimony, which they have already done on numerous occasions.  The people in the White House, up to their necks in treason, are of course going to lie every chance they get.  And as we know damned well, the minute Muller really gets close to releasing his results, he is going to be terminated, possibly with a bullet to the back of his head, and replaced by a corrupt Republican toady with no more interest in having the truth come out than Paul Ryan or Mitch McConnell.

The only chance we have of learning the truth at this point is for Muller or someone in his investigation, and either Fusion GPS or the Democrats in Congress to say, "to hell with Republican misuse of security law to hide their treason," and release all of this information.  The right of the American people to know clearly that one of their two supposed political parties is a traitorous criminal cabal working to destroy our government, is overwhelmingly more important that the mangling of security law to hide Republican criminality, but we are likely never to know the truth unless someone, or preferably multiple people, stand up and refuse to be intimidated by the jackboot behavior of the Republican party.

Like This:  Diane Feinstein is hardly my favorite Democrat- I have been more than suspicious of her since living in San Francisco in the 1970's- but she did the right thing this time by unilaterally releasing transcripts of the Fusion GPS hearings in Congress, which Republicans refused to release, while lying endlessly about them.  Feinstein, in an amazingly forthright comment, said:

"After speaking with majority and minority committee staff for 10 hours, Glenn Simpson requested the transcript of his interview be released publicly. The American people deserve the opportunity to see what he said and judge for themselves,” said Senator Feinstein. “The innuendo and misinformation circulating about the transcript are part of a deeply troubling effort to undermine the investigation into potential collusion and obstruction of justice. The only way to set the record straight is to make the transcript public."

Democrats:  More of this, please.  A lot more, and soon, too.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Wingnut Wrapup

Yeah, they're still here, and so is Green Eagle.  Which one of those facts is a worse portent for the future of the country, I leave to you to decide.

I want to start out with the most monumental act of self-delusion that any Trump supporter ever thought of, and that is quite a feat:

Liz Crokin:  "Mueller & President Trump are Pulling the Biggest Sting in History...Trump’s famous “because you’d be in jail” line is constantly rotated throughout the Internet via memes and videos on social media to this day; however, what many seem to have forgotten is the first part of Trump’s statement: he promised to assign a special prosecutor to look into Clinton’s crimes. 

Fast forward to May 16, President Trump is now in the White House and meets with Robert Mueller...Trump was finalizing his decision to appoint Mueller as his special prosecutor to investigate Clinton.  The Special Counsel is authorized to conduct an investigation including “any links and/or coordination between Russian government and individuals associated with the campaign of President Donald Trump, and any matters that arose or may arise directly from the investigation.” 

Trump did not collude with Russia. The left and the media have carried that narrative based off of lies and a fake dossier. Trump allowed them to carry their false narrative because he knew he was innocent and that the investigation would eventually turn to the real parties who colluded with Russia...the Clintons.  Mueller was hired to investigate Clinton, period."

Trump and Mueller are cooking up a gigantic scam to catch Hillary.  Yep, that is what is going on.  The indictments and guilty pleas against Trump's staff?  Just part of the joke, I guess.  As the evidence against Trump becomes more and more conclusive, the absolute insanity is becoming greater and greater.  God knows what will come next.

Guy Benson, Town Hall:  "CNN Host: Do Trump's 'Threatening' North Korea Tweets Violate Twitter's Terms of Service?"

Because the worst thing about threatening to start a nuclear war to save your own traitorous ass is whether you said too much on twitter.  I mean, is pushing the world closer to nuclear annihilation a misuse of Twitter?  Let's discuss that for a few weeks while this deranged jackass carries on wrecking the country.

Guy Benson, Town Hall:  "Conway: Listen Carefully, Democrats. There Will Be No DACA Deal Without the Wall."

Shutdown, here we come.

Ben Shapiro, Town Hall:  "America's Left in the Grip of Insanity"

I tried to read this, I really did.  But in the end, I just couldn't be bothered by the opinions of the nation's slimiest little twerp.  I hope that's okay with you.

And now the (I hope) monster lie of the day:

Walter Williams:  "The most often stated cause of the Great Depression is the October 1929 stock market crash. Little is further from the truth."

No, the real cause of the Great Depression was every thing Democrats ever did in their entire history.  The fact that the Depression came right after the Stock Market crash, after a decade of Republican control of the economy, in which they deliberately steered every increase in wealth to the very top, and the economy almost immediately started to recover as soon as Democrats took over?  A mere fiction. 

Matt Vespa, Town Hall:  "The View on Iran Protests: We're On The Verge Of Stoning Gays Here, You Know"

Well, hate to break it to you, but if you guys stay in charge, that will be coming in a couple of years.

Leah Barkoukis, Town Hall:  "Trump Just Put Kim Jong Un In His Place on Nuclear Threat"

By bragging about the size of his penis?  Yeah, that was a real high point in the history of Presidential diplomacy.

Susan Wright, Red State:  "SHOTS FIRED! The White House Responds to Bannon Quotes From New Book...You had to know Trump wasn’t going to let this pass."

Of course not. Not Trump.  He's too deranged and filled with hatred to do that.

Tyler O'Neil, PJ Media:  "5 Things to Know About the Iran Protests and How Badly the Liberal Media Botched the Story"

Mainly that the "liberal media" did not use the story to justify Donald Trump's starting a war to make it impossible to hold him responsible for his treason.  I mean, that's what the media is for, right, covering up Republicans' crimes?

Bridget Johnson, PJ Media:  "Iran's IRGC Commander Blames Hillary Clinton for Creating 'Riot and Anarchy' Protests"

Hey, something else they agree with Donald Trump about.

Tyler O'Neil, PJ Media:  "President Trump Takes Credit for Zero Commercial Jet Deaths, No Hijackings, in 2017...A major safety victory — and a win in the war on terror?"

No word on whether he is taking credit for the zero commercial jet deaths and no hijackings in the US for the last seven years of the Obama administration, or whether he is also taking credit for the fact that 2017 was the safest year in history for worldwide air travel.

Lucian Wintrich, Gateway Pundit:  "Analysis: Is The MSM To Blame For Current Trump / Bannon Conflict?"

Huh?  Well, to judge from the article, that is not certain, but what we do know is that not one shred of this is Donald Trump's fault for hiring this drunken, racist hatemonger in the first place.

Gateway Pundit:  "Wake Up to the French Toast of Your Dreams"

Listed here as the first story at Gateway Pundit in years that has a shred of a chance of being true.

Christina Laila, Gateway Pundit:  "Chelsea Clinton Denies Worshiping Satan"

I mean, the story was out there, so it would have been wrong to ignore it, right?

Christina Laila, Gateway Pundit:  "BREAKING: Fire Reported at Bill and Hillary Clinton’s Chappaqua Home – Burning the Evidence?"

Evidence of what?  That, Christina has no word on.

Larry Klayman, Renew America:  "Freedom-loving Americans must support brave Bundys"

Well, okay, but I don't even know if they are still showing reruns of this any more.

Washington Times:  "Trump tweets condolences to victims of Colorado shooting: 'We love our police'

Notice that there is not a word from the Washington Times or Trump himself, concerning the fact that the shooter was a right wing Aryan Supremacist.  They have also been pretty silent about the Aryan Supremacist, one of the "good people" who participated in the Nazi riot in Charlottesville, who was just arrested trying to wreck a train.

World Net Daily:  "Study: Young male refugees fueling violence in…"

Candy stores?  Bear cages?  Who knows?

World Net Daily:  "Iceland makes it illegal to pay women less than…"

Puppies?  Just guessing.  No chance of a law like that passing in this country, of course.  Socialism!  Okay, okay, here's the picture.
Satisfied now?

Brian C. Joondeph, American Thinker:  "NeverTrumps Renamed: AlwaysDemocrats"

Probably true, since there does not seem to be a Republican on earth that will actually stand up against this corrupt, hate filled traitor.

Monica Showalter, American Thinker:  "Would Iranians really bring back the Shah?"

Probably not, given as how he has been dead for decades, and would consequently be only a slightly better national leader than Trump.  And if you need another reason, he was one of the most brutal dictators of the twentieth century, whose secret police were responsible for the torture and death of at least 20,000 people.  People in the United States, which propped him up with arms and money until it took a pack of religious fanatics with foreign funding to get rid of him, have forgotten all about that, but believe me, the people in Iran still remember.

John Washington, American Thinker:  "Now Baltimore activists want the police back"

Surprise!  Decent people want good police, but they are unhappy with pack of racist murderers in uniform.  Who would have ever thought that?

Breitbart:  "Trump Supporters Protest DACA Amnesty Outside Democrat Lawmaker’s Office"

All twelve of them, apparently:

"A new poll by Pulse Opinion Research shows overwhelming support among Americans for eliminating the Visa Lottery, with 60 percent saying the program should be ended."

A new poll, conducted by Pulse Opinion Research.  Pulse Opinion Research is a name lately being used by Rasmussen, a right wing propaganda factory disguised as a polling company, which specializes in producing "polls" that show Republicans ahead in everything.  I guess too many people have caught on, thus the new fake name.  Green Eagle will be watching these guys.

David Limbaugh, Town Hall:  "Underestimating Trump Supporters"

Well, don't worry too much, David.  There are at least two things we are never going to underestimate about Trump supporters:  their intelligence and their decency.  It isn't possible to underestimate those.

Michael Brown, Town Hall:  "Has President Trump Lost His Mind or Has CNN Lost Its Bearings?"

CNN and every other sentient person in the world.  I go with Trump losing his mind.

Jonah Goldberg,  Town Hall:  "'Fire and Fury' Is Much Ado About Nothing New"

A couple of days ago, while I was cooking, I saw the idiot Chuck Todd allow George Will to come on his show and insist at great length this same thing, so I assume it is a current Republican line:  "Hey, we all knew all along that Trump was a stupid, belligerent, ignorant crook, so there's no news here, and we need to just forget about it."  Sorry, George and Jonah, at this point, we're mainly in it for the laughs, and so far, it's a joke that never grows old.

Mona Charen, Town Hall:  "Don't Dance on Bannon's Grave Yet"

No, ma'am.  I'm waiting until he's in it.

Streiff, Red State:  "Senate Judiciary Committee Sends a Criminal Referral to Dept. of Justice That Will Shock You"

That would be a "criminal referral" to pursue charges against Christopher Steele, the author of the Steele Dossier. Talk about trying to kill the messenger.  Two things to note here:  first, the accusation: that Steele somehow misled Congress about which reporters he talked to.  The Republican Senators seem to be absolutely uninterested in the substance of his evidence of Trump's treason.  And second, if you are curious about what a "criminal referral" is, it isn't anything.  It's a letter to the Justice department asking them to investigate someone for something.  It has no legal standing, and it could have as easily come from me or you as from Chuck Grassley and Lindsay Graham. 

Caleb Howe, Red State:  "“Green” Northeast Resorted To Burning Oil To Generate Electricity As Temperatures Plunged Last Week"

GIGANTIC SCANDAL!!!!   In the worst cold snap in decades, some States actually had to supplement their current capacity to generate renewable energy with oil.  Of course, this couldn't possibly be due to endless Republican sabotage of efforts to move to renewable sources of energy, or to Republicans seeing to it that global warming and the accompanying temperature instability get worse and worse every year.  No, it's because of...something bad that liberals did. We don't know what, but that must be the answer.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "Stunning...In President Trump’s first year in office the goods producing jobs – construction, manufacturing, etc. – were up 600% over the previous year."

Amazing.  Here, in case you are interested is an actual chart from the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

Actual job growth (I assume that's what this idiot is talking about; I doubt even he is a big enough liar to claim that there are six times as many jobs as there were a year ago:) 1.59%, or approximately 1/377th of what Jim claimed.  Close enough for Republicans.

And close enough to the end for Green Eagle.  See you soon (unfortunately for both of us.)

Friday, January 5, 2018

The CEO President

Man, if there is anything good that comes out of the Trump nightmare, at least let it be that we never again have to hear Republicans' endless yearning for the "CEO President," the guy who is going to run the country the way he runs his business, and won't that be great?

What is a CEO, after all?  He wasn't elected by his employees, that's for sure, and he doesn't make decisions on the basis of what is good for them.  He does what is good for himself, and a few of his rich corporate buddies, and if the employees don't like it, they can get the hell out.  They have zero say in how he runs the company or who benefits from it.  The company exists for his benefit and that of his fellow owners, and not one single other person on earth.

In brief, the kind of national leader that is like a CEO is a dictator.  Being a CEO is training to run a dictatorship, not a democratic country, and I hope at this point that is bloody obvious to everyone.  If you want to live in  dictatorship, hire a CEO and tell him to do his thing, which is in fact what the Republican leadership does want, but a large part of their stupid base seems to be still oblivious to that fact.  Being a CEO is great if your whole goal in life is to enrich yourself as much as possible at the expense of everyone else, but running our country is supposed to be about a little more than that.

Isn't it?

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

And Here We Go

"North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un just stated that the 'Nuclear Button is on his desk at all times,'" Trump tweeted. "Will someone from his depleted and food starved regime please inform him that I too have a Nuclear Button, but it is a much bigger & more powerful one than his, and my Button works!"- President of the United States Donald Trump

And his party, which represents the only possibility of stopping this literal madness, will do nothing, because they are, every single one of them, as crazed and treasonous as he is.  Whoopee, here we go!