Wingnut Wrapup

Our less intellectually endowed friends seem to be feeling their oats a little more the last couple of days. I guess they are like cockroaches- you just can't get rid of them once they show up.

Dan McLaughlin, Red State: "One line in President Obama’s orgy of blame-Bush-for-everything speech last night has prompted former Defense Secretary Don Rumsfeld, who managed the Afghan war for five years, to call for the President to back up his assertions."

Don Rumsfeld "managed" the Afghan war for five years, huh? That's a real reason to listen to him, right? Seeing how he totally screwed it up and accomplished nothing in those five years. And Dan, we don't Blame-Bush-for-everything. There's plenty of blame for Cheney, Gonzales, and Rumsfeld himself too, among others. You don't have the worst presidency in history without a lot of help.

Jeff Emmanuel, Red State: "Strikingly, Obama’s Afghan Strategy Manages to Repeat Almost Every Single Mistake Made in Iraq"

Funny, they weren't mistakes when you guys were in charge, they were brilliant foreign policy decisions. They only became mistakes when you could try to blame them on us.

Pammy Geller, Atlas Shrugs: " Disintegration The Left's Communist Coup on America"

What the hell does that even mean? I think Pam may have finally burst a blood vessel in her brain. Oh well, we get the gist: Obama Communist!!!!!!! Pam, you bring so much clarity to our national discourse.

More Pammy: "Obama's GITMO Circus: Muslim Terrorist Asks for Dismissal Based on "Constitutional Rights"

What a travesty of everything it is to be American- wasting time worrying about "constitutional rights," when we could just kill them and all their children too, like real patriots would do. "Constitutional rights" is for left wing sissies.

Pam continues:

"Only a man who hated America would put us through this."

Only a man who hated America would trust its justice system. Pam, that makes even less sense than most of your hate mongering.

Dan Weil, Newsmax: "McCain Criticizes Obama on Afghan Exit"

Sorry to be blunt, but who gives a God damn what lie Mr. Loser has to tell this time?

Warner Todd Huston, Renew America: "New lefty outrage: Gasp, Sarah Palin flies in planes!- The newest outrage from the left is that Sarah Palin dares to fly from city to city during her whirlwind book tour."

Well, first of all, I didn't see any outrage, like the right had when Obama won the Nobel peace prize. So the whole thing is a lie. But just in case you are wondering what this is about, here it is: Sarah Palin claimed she was travelling around on her book tour on a very populist bus. Actually, she flew on a Gulfstream corporate jet, and only ever got on the bus for publicity photos, and to ride up to the bookstores to make her appearances. Sort of gives a different tone to the story, no? We might have even gotten up to some outrage on that one, if it wouldn't have interfered with our ridicule.

John R. Guardino, American Spectator: "What Obama Really Said Last Night"

I guess we need some right wing maniac to tell us what Obama really said. No thanks, John. I'll get what he said from Obama himself. Then there's at least a chance that it won't be an endless chain of lies.

Robert Maginnes, Human Events: "Obama's lofty ideas don’t mesh with the realities on the ground."

Reality. That's a new one- a conservative concerned with reality. No, really, that's what he's trying to say. Forget it guy. You guys and reality: never the twain shall meet.

K. T. McFarland, Human Events: "Obama listed eight different missions, when we should only have one goal: kill al Queda, and come home."

Because there is nothing like dedicating ourselves to an infantile temper tantrum, with added murder. That's the adult foreign policy option. And besides being loathsome and impossible, what could go wrong?

See, the Republicans do have solutions to our nation's problems.


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