Green Eagle Awards of the Week

Green Eagle is very apologetic that he has been so neglectful of his task of rewarding those on the right who lead the way in childish tantrums, sick delusions and outright lying. So here he is, trying to catch up on the workload:

A special Whiny Little Baby award for Erick Erickson, for this outbreak of synthetic misery over the Dems finding a way to stop the Senate Republicans from wasting two days in the Senate reading a 700 page bill:

"As so many of us have tried to tell Mitch McConnell for weeks and weeks and weeks, the Senate GOP must throw everything they can at killing the health care bill. Instead, we have seen the Senate Republicans working collaboratively with the Democrats"

"But then something curious happened — something that violates the sacrosanct nature of the Senate’s rules; rules so inviolable that until yesterday neither Democrat nor Republican ever risks crosses the rules in over 200 years....One of the chief rules of the Senate is that when one Senator has the floor, no other Senator may act.

Tom Coburn had the floor. He made the clerk read the amendment. Somehow, however, Senator Sanders was able to have his amendment yanks mid-reading.

Hopefully the Senate Republicans now realize they are dealing with third world kleptocrats, not American legislators."

Ha ha. The Republicans were working collaboratively with the Democrats. That alone deserves the lying championship of the month. The rest is sheer whining, of a particularly entertaining variety.

Now a certificate of merit for misuse of anti-Islamic racism in an utterly unrelated context: Hereby awarded to (who else?) that mainstay of Wingnut Wrapup, and world champion Muslim baiter, Pam Geller:

"The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) wants to conduct a carbon jihad and seize control over the economy by regulating carbon dioxide as a pollutant"

A carbon jihad. There's a new one. Scientists, terrorists, what's the difference?

And now a booby prize to Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit, for notable achievement in taking pride in doing the wrong thing:

"Not a single GOP Rep voted for the democrat’s historic trilion dollar Stimulus Package.
Not a single GOP Rep voted for the democrat’s record budget.
And, once again, not one single Republican House members voted for “Son of Stimulus” the latest Democratic spending bill."

And aren't you guys proud of yourselves. Fighting so hard to keep the rich rich and America poor.

Now, the Vladimir Ilyich Ulianov trophy in over-the-top-red-baiting-even-for-them, to Sher Zieve at Renew America:

"Obama's communists now ruling the USA: republic is formally dead...Obama is so bent upon getting his way and destroying the USA that he is now openly — and in full view of all — threatening to place the country in even more jeopardy. The Communist Obama Government now has a stranglehold on the United States of America, its legislators and its people and he will NOT willingly let go. In fact, as his smile beams even more broadly he is squeezing ever tighter to end our lives and the life of our country."

Boy, that's scary, huh? He's squeezing tighter to end all of our lives. I think I feel it already! No, maybe it's that hamburger I had for lunch.

And now the highly anticipated award in the category of "what universe do you live in, anyway?" This year's winner, Erick Erickson, completing a twofer in today's ceremony:

"In order to bring former Democrat and now Independent Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT) into line, Obama ordered his minions to go on a search-and-destroy mission against Lieberman's wife Hadassah. After his Tuesday press conference, it appears that Sen. Lieberman may have folded like the proverbial cheap suit."

How dare they mention that his wife is a medical industry lobbyist when they question his hypocritical abandoning of his principals to support the insurance companies? And, really, "folded like a cheap suit?" How about "Smeared like a squashed slug," or "crawled with flies like last week's noodle kugel," or something more descriptive. Still, it barely won out over other entrants to take the award.

And finally, a special achievement certificate for combining hypocritical screams of racism with outlandish lies, to some black minister somewhere, who was willing to say this in order to get himself on a major right wing blog:

World Net Daily: "Minister: Obamacare kills African-American babies- Charges president has become 'the face of black genocide in America today'

The face of black genocide. Is that worse than squeezing all of us to death? Who knows. Anyway, guys, keep up the good work, and Green Eagle shall provide you with your well-earned rewards.

P.S. For those of you who were concerned, it was the hamburger.


Poll P. said…
Nice, classy bits of trash here, G.E. No, what were your favorite right-wing propaganda movies of the year?
Green Eagle said…
"Triumph of the Will Part 2- Tea Parties on the March" in which an intrepid Fox News reporter uses footage of a Nuremburg rally to represent a tea party in Elytia, Ohio.

"Ten Months that Bored the World"- a documentary of the tea party movement, starring Sandra Bernhardt as Michelle Bachmann.

"It's a Miserable Life- the Revenge," in which Mr. Potter comes back and has George Bailey sent to debtors' prison, serving life without parole, and then Potter's factory has a chemical leak killing 30 or 40 thousand people, while he lounges by the pool in his new villa in Antibes.

And, of course, that ever-popular hit, "Chuck Norris' Christmas Carol," in which, after hearing that Mother Mary had an abortion, Chuck goes berserk and kicks the three Christmas ghosts to death.

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