The Queen Speaks

It just wouldn't be right to end the year without one more visit with the Queen of Birthers, and America's most Prominent Ex-Russian Loon, Orly Taitz. Gearing up for next year, she has this to say:

"What is the real intention of this Kenyan, Indonesian communist usurper? Is it to provide security for us or to destroy our security? Judge for yourself.

Seeing targeted destruction of our economy, our security, dissipation of American jobs, massive corruption in the Government, Congress Department of Justice and Judiciary, it might be time to start rallies and protests using our second amendment right to bear arms and organise in militias."

Well, whatever 2010 brings, at least we will still have Orly to kick around. Until she is disbarred and sent to jail, something which moves closer every time she opens her mouth.


Jean Valjean said…
Free speech sucks.
I take comfort knowing Orley is as accomplished an intellect as the republicans have to offer. The misery is that there are millions of people as dumber or dumber than her that can vote.

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