Corrupt Asses on the March

A few quotes from the last couple of days:

Liz Cheney: "As we see this President repeatedly go on foreign soil and accuse America of having tortured people, talk about Guantanamo Bay as the abandonment of our ideals, you know, that part of the speech to me is nothing short of shameful."

As it is always shameful to admit the truth. If you're a Republican, of course. Because the truth always makes the Republicans look shameful. They're the ones that do the shameful things.

Not totally, of course. There's always this guy:

"We've got to stop adding to the bill," said Lieberman. "We have to start subtracting some controversial things.

How does one do that, asked host Bob Schieffer?

"You have to take out the Medicare buy-in," said Lieberman. "You have to forget about the public option."

You have, in other words, to eliminate anything that would help the American people. Then the bill would be a great success. For insurance companies, and people like Joe Lieberman and his wife, who live of of the insurance companies' largesse.

And this, from the Washington Post, ever helpful as usual:

With unemployment stuck around 10 percent, President Obama has pledged "to take every responsible step to accelerate the pace of job growth." Here's a thought: Instead of trying to "create" jobs by tweaking this tax break or increasing that spending program, why not stop doing things that destroy jobs? "

A great idea! And how, pray tell, can we do that?

"Reduce the federal minimum wage. In 2007, Congress enacted a three-step increase in the minimum wage, which was then $5.15 per hour. The final installment took effect in July, raising the rate to $7.25 per hour. In the meantime, unemployment climbed from 4.7 percent to 9.5 percent.

I am not saying that the minimum wage increase caused this; far from it."

Oh no, you are not saying that. No sir! I guess what you are saying is, in addition to such wonderful stimulative measures as cutting taxes for the rich, let's further enrich them by cutting the pay of their poorest employees, so the rich can keep that much more of their companies' wealth, instead of wasting it on medical care for children and useless things like that.

With our national discourse in thrall to pigs like these, is it any wonder that it is almost impossible to make any substantive progress, even on the most obvious and vital issues?

Update: Here's a worthy addition to the list, from RNC Chair Michael Steele:

"STEELE: Well, I think, first off, he should recognize that banks aren’t going to lend money to people who can’t pay them back. … So there’s — there’s this whole cycle of not understanding exactly how the economy works with respect to small-business owners. Take that pressure off of them. Let’s — let’s eliminate the capital gains tax. Let’s reduce the unemployment tax."

Let's rush through the notion that 'more for the rich, less for the poor' is the way to solve our nation's problems- Mr. Bush pretty much demolished that one for another few decades. What I really found amusing about Steele's remarks is the idea that "banks aren’t going to lend money to people who can’t pay them back." Oh, no, Michael, that would never happen, right? Bankers are just too smart and cagey for that. If there's one thing the American people can have faith in, it's the responsibility of bankers, and their just plain common sense conservatism that would never let them make unsound loans. You can take that to the bank, buddy. You know, the one that went under last month.


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