As a strong supporter of the right of Israel to exist, I am disturbed at times by the tendency (unfortunately justified by reporting on this issue) to assume that all support of Israel is a product of the right. This is detrimental to the real interests of Israelis, as anyone who follows this issue is aware. This is because right wing support of Israel is so infected with belligerent warmongering and sick religious cant as to render it offensive to any decent person. Thus, presumably left wing values like the right of people (on both sides) to self-determination in their homelands, and the right to be free from religious-based violence, get forgotten in all of the irrelevant, self-serving posturing that surrounds this issue.

Here's an example of right wing attitudes toward Israel, from Alan Keyes's sick website Renew America, which I would like to look at in some detail. It consists mainly of a list of "You may not be a supporter of Israel" statements, most of which I find highly offensive. I want to remind people that I have lived and worked in Israel, and had significant dealings with Jewish Israelis, Israeli Arabs, Palestinians and Bedouins. Well, here's the list, with Green Eagle's usual moderate, temperate replies.

You may not be "Pro-Israel" if you support the establishment of a "Palestinian State."

Because only one ethnic group can live here. "This Holy Land ain't big enough for the both of us." And how does that make you any different from the most radical of the Palestinians?

You may not be "Pro-Israel" if you think that there is any "Final Status" for Jerusalem other than as the Eternal and United Capitol of the State of Israel and the Jewish People.

I didn't know that religions have capitols. Did you just think that up on your own? I wonder what the capitol of Buddhism is. Or of evangelical Christianity. Memphis, maybe, or Selma, Alabama?

Have you ever been to Jerusalem, you stupid dick? Large parts of the city are already entirely Arab. I don't support compromise on the old city, but that is a small part of modern Jerusalem. Anyone who has spent any time in East Jerusalem knows there is plenty of room for Palestinians there, if that is where they want to be.

You may not be "Pro-Israel" if the words "Final Status" does not sound in your ears just too close to "Final Solution."

When you use the term, all I can think of is "Final Fantasy." Because that's what your sick, violent dreams are- a fantasy. At least no one got killed maneuvering Aeris and Edgar around.

You may not be "Pro-Israel" if you fail to advocate the immediate relocation of the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv.

What difference does that make, in real terms, exactly? Apparently, you believe meaningless acts of symbolic belligerence are more important than the fate of the Israeli people.

You may not be "Pro-Israel" if you think that "East Jerusalem" is anything but a myth created to wrench Jerusalem away from Israel.

Grow up. East Jerusalem is no more a myth than Chicago or San Francisco. I've been there many times. Trust me- it exists.

You may not be "Pro-Israel" if you still think the piece of paper Israel received in exchange for the Sinai's oil reserves, tourism revenue and strategic depth given the likely emergence of an Iran allied Islamic Republic in a post-Mubarak Egypt were worth it.

Of course. Peace is never worth it, right. Just blow them to smithereens.

You may not be "Pro-Israel" if you think the mainstream media portrays news from Israel accurately.

I've got news for you, buddy- the mainstream media don't portray any news accurately. And as for Israel, my experience with the Palestinians I dealt with is that the mainstream news portrays them as far more irrational and violent than they actually are. The truth is better than the story, not worse.

You may not be "Pro-Israel" if you think Holocaust denier Mahmoud Abbas ever sincerely wanted true peace.

What the guy sincerely wants and what he will accept to save his own skin are two different things.

You may not be "Pro-Israel" if you believe that the so-called Israel/Palestine conflict can be "solved."

Boy, that's optimism for you. Underlying this belief is the notion that the Palestinian people are irrational, vicious animals. They're not. And if you start out thinking that way, you will guarantee that the conflict can never be solved.

You may not be "Pro-Israel" if you believe that negotiations are the answer.

And what is the answer? Another fifty or hundred years of violence? An act of genocide that would make Hitler proud? A few dozen nukes on Iran? What other violent fantasy would you like to inflict on innocent victims while you sit at home, typing away in complete safety?

The choice we have is this: to work toward real improvement in Israel, or to give in to the worst impulses of these violent, irrational, sick people here at home, who will gladly let others suffer and die to provide themselves with an amusing spectacle. This is a deeply sick and perverted view, and it will lead to nothing but endless disaster, for the people of the Mideast, and for ourselves. It is not in any way motivated by a concern for either side in this conflict, and it will never produce anything but further horror.

Sorry for this rather long post. This dick just got to me with his ugly cant. If you made it this far, thanks for bearing with me.


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