What's She Up To Now?

I know that, for most of you, there is one question that is foremost in your minds: What is Orly Taitz up to these days? Well, here's an answer, from her website:

"...there will be actions in International Courts to expose the violation of Human rights by Obama regime, the tyranny of the Communist Kenyan usurper Barack Hussein Obama and ones who are aiding and abetting him. I retained Mr. Jon Levy, who is licensed in a number of courts, including CA, DC, Great Britain and criminal court of Justice in Hague. "

That should be an interesting spectacle. Orly, a piece of well meant advice. I want to suggest that you end your relationship with Mr. Jon Levy, and instead retain Mr. Jon Lovitz. He would be so much more skilled at presenting your case in an appropriate manner.


magpie said…
Bill O'Reilly gained some measure of cred in calling her a nut.
But should we believe Fox News when they say her supporters outside the studio numbered as many as 20 people? Normally I'm sceptical, but I'll go with their count on that one...

That's almost a rival for the Tea Party movement isn't it?
Green Eagle said…
My observation of the tea party movement (having been to a number of tea parties) is that it consists of a very small number of people, built up by the press into some sort of huge phenomenon. I.e. it is largely a fake.

So, I take your point. Politics is so easy when the media will do anything they can to help you out.

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