Change We Can Really Believe In

From The Hill:

"Obama scores well for first year on ethics, say watchdog groups"

Lots of good news from a number of sources in this article. I particularly want to emphasize this, because one of the consistent themes on right wing blogs the past few months has been the claim that the Obama administration is incredibly corrupt. Of course, we know that they are making this charge because their hero, George Bush, presided over what will be remembered as the most corrupt presidential administration ever, in which what would have been considered a major scandal previously became the normal order of business. Imagine what an uproar there would have been twenty or thirty or fifty years ago if the Vice President made tens of millions of dollars in stock options on "no-bid" contracts given to his corrupt company. So, the right wingers have to convince themselves that Obama is worse.

That's a lie, guys, just like everything you say. Read the article.


Derek said…
Is it any surprise that I disagree? Giving appointments to his besties, including tax cheats and liars, covering up his campaign promises, lying to pass legislation, appointing lobbyists to high positions, having meetings with pharmaceutical companies behind closed doors, having meetings to celebrate transparency- in private, allowing only so much regular press coverage.

Apparently our definition of ethics has changed with the President. I know Bush wasn't the best, but to call Obama much better is ludicrous.
Green Eagle said…
Argue with the experts, not me, Derek. They are the ones who said Obama has been far more honorable that your corrupt crooks Bush and Cheney.

And at least his lying didn't extend to starting a two trillion dollar war.
Derek said…
"And at least his lying didn't extend to starting a two trillion dollar war."

I believe you mean 1 trillion and he didn't lie, I've already proven that.
Green Eagle said…

You are full of shit, and I don't like you spreading it on my blog.

Go away. I've had enough of your lies.
Derek said…
"Go away. I've had enough of your lies."

Rofl. You can't prove anything. I know you don't like me proving you wrong everyday but it needs to be done.
Derek said…

Your man Obama is #7 on the top ten corrupt politicians of 2009. They give extensive reasoning, not that I think you'll take the time to read it.
Green Eagle said…
Judicial Watch.

Grow up, Derek.
Derek said…
I take it you didn't read their explanation?
Green Eagle said…

I take it you don't know who Larry Klayman is, and what his history is.

Anyone who cites him as a source is merely revealing either stupidity or dishonesty.

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