Change We Can Believe In

More good news from the Obama administration that we would have never seen under the reign of President Saint McCain:

"Critics across the political spectrum have lambasted the Obama administration’s restrictions on lobbying as everything from a loophole-ridden political ploy to an unconstitutional violation of free-speech rights.

But this week, congressional researchers concluded that the administration’s crackdown has “already changed the relationship between lobbyists and covered executive branch officials” and suggested that Congress might consider enacting similar restrictions on itself."

While our Republican controlled press is content to deal with vital issues like Obama's bow and the White House party crashers, Obama continues to move our country in the right direction, step by step. We all know that beating down these lobbyists is one of the most important things that can be done to straighten this country out; apparently our mainstream press doesn't care to acknowledge the fact that Obama is dealing with this vital issue.


Derek said…
Yes, meeting secretly with insurance lobbyists, allowing lobbyists to have high level positions in the white house, and accepting more lobby money during an election than any other candidate.

Change alright.

Besides, lobbying is perfectly legal and is a Constitutional right. I petition for a redress of grievances all the time, maybe one day I'll get paid to do it.

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