John Gibson Defends Bush- Just What We Need

God, there is no end to the dishonesty of the right, or its willingness to blame the rest of us for their own faults.

So John Gibson (remember him? The male answer to the news-bimbo) has written a new book. Here's the title- I swear this is not a joke: "HOW THE LEFT SWIFTBOATED AMERICA: THE LIBERAL MEDIA CONSPIRACY TO MAKE YOU THINK GEORGE BUSH WAS THE WORST PRESIDENT IN HISTORY."

The nerve. Does Gibson remember which side the real swiftboaters were on? Does he think we might not remember? Has he forgotten his own enthusiastic participation in the endless right wing smears that brought us the disaster that was the Bush administration? Does he think starting an unjustified war against an innocent country, and then losing that war to one of the weakest states on earth, bringing us to the edge of depression by allowing- no, encouraging- the rich to plunder the country, ignoring the real problems that he was elected to deal with, making us a country of torturers, allowing corruption to flourish in the White House in a manner that dwarfs anything ever seen before (even his Vice President made tens of millions of dollars off of corrupt government contracts right under his nose)... what would anyone ever have to do to be a worse president than that?

Here are a few excerpts from a review of this miserable pack of lies, to be found in the ever-despicable Washington Moonie Times:

He defines "swiftboating" as "undermining character and credibility, no matter whether the charges are accurate," and accuses the left of trashing not only the president, but the Iraq war, the war on terror and conservatives at large."

No, John. Swiftboating is the massively financed purveying of deliberate lies and smears, which every informed person knows to be totally baseless. When we point out the miserable job Bush did, we are telling the truth, not lying and smearing. And there is no way we could denigrate "conservatives at large" beyond the degree they deserve. We aren't backing away from the truth this time- that has gone on far too long already. The economic, political, military and diplomatic disasters that have engulfed the country in the last eight years are the direct consequence of conservative policies, just as the great depression was. Bush followed the conservative playbook to the letter.

"This portrayal of Mr. Bush as both evil and imbecilic has characterized the hard left's portrayals of the president since Sept. 11, 2001..."

You know why, John? You know why? Because it's true. Why do you think the only liberal thing Bush did in his eight years in office was to put an end to the execution of the mentally retarded? And by the way, do you think there is such a thing as too dumb to be crooked? That's what you seem to be suggesting.

"Attempts at character assassination of the president are, of course, nothing new."

Yeah. Think Jimmy Carter. Think Bill Clinton. And look at the right wing response to Obama.

"Keith Olbermann is rebuked for his repeated mischaracterizations of the Bush legacy, which include bizarre charges that the president was a "fascist."

I agree here- Keith was wrong. Bush tried to be a fascist. He failed at that, like he failed at everything else, but he gave it his best shot. Thank heaven for small things (i.e. Bush's brain.)

"Similarly, crude slogans like "Bush lied, people died" do little justice, in the author's eyes, to the complex reasons for finally invading Iraq and fighting to win."

Complex reasons? Stupidity, revenge and greed aren't really that complex John. And of course, Fox News's Mr. Gibson would never give in to the urge to resort to "crude slogans."

Well, that's about enough of that. Go read the rest if you are looking for help in the sudden evacuation of your stomach contents.

I've been talking the last few months about the habit of the right of projecting its failings on others, and its refusal to take responsibility for the consequences of its actions. Could there be a better example of both of those things?


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