The Pathetic Truth

From Americablog:

"We lost real health care reform not because we don't have a "real" filibuster-proof majority in the Senate. We lost health care reform because we don't have a real leader anywhere in our party. It's not going to get better if we elect more Democrats to the Senate and it's not going to play out any differently should we try to revisit this issue in the future.

And one final point. What do you think is going to happen if, during the House-Senate conference, a combined bill is returned to the Senate that even vaguely improves upon the garbage they're currently debating? Joe Lieberman, Ben Nelson, Mary Landrieu and Evan Bayh will threaten the same filibuster. We're not getting anything better than the crap they just came up with last night. It's over. The next three years are going to be abou mediocrity, broken promises, and striving for second best. That's not the America I grew up in. And it's not what I voted for, or was promised."

The worst of what we feared over the last eight months is coming true this week. And, as the above comment says, we would be fools at this point to think that we will get anything different the next three years. Barack Obama is proving to be an ineffectual, weak disappointment. He could have won this battle if he had really fought for the right thing. Instead, he listened to the sleazy pols like Rahm Emmanuel, Harry Reid and (my God) Joe Lieberman, who care about nothing but keeping their positions. So now, the rest of us get nothing, and the lying, corrupt, incompetent Republican party, which was nearly dead a year ago, has found a way to destroy all of what we worked so hard to achieve. And Barack is helping them out. I guess he wasn't big enough to be president.


No leader? Obama is the leader of the free world, Pelosi that of the House, and Reid the Senate. What do you mean you don't have a leader? I can name three conclusive leaders of the Democratic party who are in power. They don't lack a leader.

Can you name a Republican?

You don't need a leader to pass or stop legislation, you need principles and intellect, two things Democrats are lacking.
Green Eagle said…
Oh sure. Obama has no intellect. He's not an intellectual giant like George W. Bush.

Wise up already, Derek. The only "principles" that exist on the right are greed and hate.

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