The Most Important Chart

Daily Kos, where I found this says that it is “The most important chart about the American economy you'll see this year.”

Well, I agree, so here it is, and it's pretty dispiriting reading:

Not much more to say, except that this is a road map to hell.  And it seems likely that the American people this November are going to speed up our journey there.


Jerry Critter said…
It starts with Reagan. Clinton made a little debt. Bush crashed the economy and the Republicans have blocked all significant legislation to help the majority of people.
Jerry Critter said…
That should be "Clinton made a little dent."
gruaud said…
It took them over 80 years, but the corporations and the billionaires won their coup d'etat. Welcome to Gilded Age Redux.

While we have to fight back, it's probably going to take at least half a century to undo most of the damage.

So be patient and don't wish for ponies. No one is getting a fucking pony in this lifetime.
Magpie said…
Good to know what the largest military the world has ever seen, with bases in more than 60 countries, is actually protecting...
I had a fucking pony back when there was a middle class. When upper management and CEO's made 30 x what we did, now it's 200 to 300 x. How ya liken that so far? I predict it will grow even greater if we don't vote in larger numbers.
Frank said…
Yellow Fringe I agree but am discouraged by the fact that most of the poor white people in America continue to vote (if they vote at all) for republicans who love Jesus, the NRA, and hate gays and blacks. This is an issue of ignorance. It would be prudent for the Democratic National Committee to focus on educating these people in terms they can understand as to why they've become so poor and oppressed.

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