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I'm really having trouble finding anything that's worth talking about these days.  That's because it really does get tiring pointing out the same mixture of corruption and stupidity which the Republican party dishes out day after day.  A small sample from today:

"A bill passed the lower house of the State of Wyoming with an amendment to study the conditions under which the State should acquire strike aircraft and an aircraft carrier.  The only place in Wyoming big enough to hold an aircraft carrier is a lake in Yellowstone Park."
"House Republicans Cut Administration Funding Request To Fight Ebola...According to a source familiar with the negotiations, House Appropriations Committee Chairman Hal Rogers (R-Ky.) agreed as of Tuesday morning to spend a total of $40 million to fight the epidemic in the 2015 spending bill...The White House had asked for $88 million for Ebola in total"
"Pat Robertson Calls For More Guns In Churches: 'Blessed Are The Fully Armed'...TV preacher Pat Robertson on Tuesday argued that more guns in churches was a "good idea" to protect Christians because "blessed are the fully armed."

This garbage is not even intended to be any kind of serious governing.  It is nothing but an attempt to squander the energy of every rational, decent person in the country, while the real work of Republicans- advancing the agenda of the Koch Brothers and other sociopathic multibillionaires, goes on as always, ignored by the complicit press in this country.  That's all the news there is- Republicans turning this country into a theocratic dictatorship in which 99.99% of the people will have no rights at all.  And that story isn't worth telling, compared to bullshit about aircraft carriers in Wyoming.

And here's something depressing:  the irresponsible treachery of the press is so great in this country that, as I read in a poll today, by a margin of 10% the American people trust the Republicans to run the economy more than the Democrats.  This appalling stupidity is the real reason the Republicans are likely to win in November; no halfway informed electorate would ever place a Republican in a position of trust ever again.  But as long as "free speech" means how much money you have, that's the country we've got.  Love it or leave it.

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Infidel753 said…
Well, of course they had to cut funding for the Ebola effort. The money's needed so a landlocked state with a population equal to Luxembourg can buy an aircraft carrier.

That aircraft carrier thing was so unbelievable I had to look it up, but it really did happen, though it was actually about two years ago, and the proposal was eventually voted down.

Some of this stuff is just legislators being idiots, but maybe there's an intent to sustain an aura of surreal menace that keeps the base agitated and panicky so they'll keep on voting for extremists. If Republican voters inhabit a world where the President is secretly a foreigner, you need to be armed in church, and Wyoming buying an aircraft carrier is a rational action, then that's a very frightening world where nothing is as it seems, and you'd better get someone like Ted Cruz into the White House to deal with it.
Magpie said…
Idi Amin was head of the Ugandan Navy.

Someone in Wyoming must have found that inspirational.
Anonymous said…
I'm sure it does get tiring writing about the same thing. Try something different.
Jerry Critter said…
Republican stupidity is merely a reflection of the stupidity of the American voter.
Green Eagle said…
The stupidity of American voters is something that has been beaten into them for decades. The stupidity of Republican leaders is voluntary.

And Anonymous, what do you suggest? Maybe a few posts about how to make Cassoulet, or how to play a few Buddy Guy licks? Boring as Republicans are, they are still trying to destroy our country, so I guess I'll just keep on as I am and keep my Cassoulet recipe to myself.

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