Best Story of the Day

You betcha!  Just go and enjoy.


Anonymous said…
Don't mess with a Palin those are some stong outdoorsy people.
I bet she throws a pitch better than Dear Leader too
Green Eagle said…
Grow up, jerk. This pathetic, ignorant, stupid, hate-filled, greedy idiot could have been President today if you people had your way. That is a really terrifying thought.

As for your second comment, deleted because it has no relevance to my post.
Anonymous said…
yeah what does she know? she was only the governor of the 59th state
Green Eagle said…
Another Anonymous comment deleted because it had nothing to do with my post. And as for Palin having been a governor, well, like they say, there's one born every minute.

Guy, why don't you get a life?
AWJ said…
The Sarah Palin personality cult that formed in 2008 and is still kept alive on sites such as is Exhibit One demonstrating just how pathological and ridiculous American conservatism has become.

The only thing Palin has going for her, the only characteristic that this comically ignorant and inept politician from a podunk state has that conservatives can point to, is "liberals hate her and when we love her it makes them mad". And that's enough to form the basis of a full-blown Stalin-esque personality cult.

It's like guzzling Windex just because the person who told you not to is a liberal.

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