And The Tally Is In

A million dollars?  They should be so lucky.  Box Office Mojo is now reporting Atlas Shrugged III to have achieved a first weekend gross of $355,000.00 on 242 screens, or $1467 per screen.  My quick calculation tells me that that works out to about 21 paid customers per screening.  Well, at least you wouldn't have had a problem getting a good seat.

I want to state clearly that, although I do take a good deal of pleasure in reporting on right wing humiliations like this, that is not the reason I keep writing posts about them.  This is just one more proof that the great right wing populist rebellion in this country simply does not exist, and is nothing but the product of Republican lies and the press' willingness to repeat them.  Whether it's national marches on Washington that can't get 500 people or Impeach Obama demonstrations that cant get 10, or the Republican party's obvious knowledge that they can't win elections even in Republican States without rigging the vote every way they can, or even the pathetic turnout for right wing movies like this one, it is obvious that there is no popular movement behind the Repubican party, and it exists today only on the votes it can buy with hundreds of millions of dollars from hyper-rich sociopaths who are in the end their only real constituency.


I totally agree, Green Eagle. What's more, the corporate press is complicit in pushing the right-wing agenda -- which actually serves both major parties -- by promoting the lies and consistently omitting the truth.

We live in very troubled and dangerous times.
Anonymous said…
Unlike Dinesh D'Souza's America
Jerry Critter said…
This just goes to show you that, in the case of republicans anyway, money gets you more votes than ideology.
Green Eagle said…
Fair enough, Anonymous. You cite one right wing movie that managed to achieve some wider audience than just the wingnuts. At this point, I suspect I have been through easily a hundred events, dating back to the Terry Schiavo nonsense, which in their aggregate clearly reveal the right wing in America to be very small. One outlier does not a movement make.
Weird Dave said…
Unlike Dinesh D'Souza's America

Zog said…
At least some of that $14 million for D'Souza's movie came from wingnut welfare sources.

Where I live, one businessperson arranged for free admission to that movie for a week, giving the theater a sum of money equal to that it would have received had everyone who saw the movie actually bought a ticket.

That's two hours of free air conditioning during the middle of a hot summer. What's the problem with that, other than having to watch a D'Souza movie?

Speaking of which, our favorite violator of election laws organized the Two Million Biker rally in Washington, D.C. last week. The actual turnout was only 0.1% of the predicted total.

Of course, the National Mall has no air-conditioning, so that would have reduced the turnout a bit.
Zog said…
Here's a link about D'Souza's little rally:
Grung_e_Gene said…
The free market is soooooooo stupid! Also D'criminals film pales in comparison to Michael Moore's Fahrenheit9/11.
isaac said…
Atlas Snored.
Green Eagle said…
I reported fairly extensively on the Biker rally last fall, including my rough calculation of how many people showed up. Actually, though a spectacular failure, it was by far the most successful of the three big Conservative Washington rallies last fall, including the truckers' protest, for which virtually no one showed, and Larry Klayman's heavily publicized rally to throw Obama out of the White House, which attracted about 125 people.

If you are interested, here is a post I wrote at the time, outlining some of the little known history of right wing marches:

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