Eric Holder's Legacy

What, in the long run, is Eric Holder going to be remembered for?  Well, I suspect, insofar as anyone remembers past Attorneys general*, he will be remembered not for anything he did while in office, but for two things he didn't do:

1.  He held not a single person in government or in the financial industry responsible for crushing the economy and wiping out a large part of the middle class.

2. He held no one in the Bush White House responsible for starting a war of aggression against an innocent country in which hundreds of thousands of civilians were slaughtered.

And these criticisms obviously apply to his boss, too.  So, the Obama administration has put off for sixteen years the Democrats' duty to oppose a situation in which Republicans are permitted to commit the most extreme forms of corruption and even engage in open war crimes, without a shred of consequence, while Democrats are threatened with impeachment for carrying out the most basic responsibilities of their offices, or even for irrelevant, minor acts that have no effect at all on the American people.

Yeah, I know the press is going to take the Republicans' side every step of the way, but if that is an excuse for Democrats to keep their mouths shut and live like abused dogs, we are finished in this country.  I have said for years that all that is necessary for the Republican party to be (deservedly) crushed out of existence is for Democrats to quit cowering and simply tell the truth.  I guess that's too much to ask.

*After all, three of the last five Republican Presidents have had criminal Attorneys General- Nixon with John Mitchell, Reagan with Ed Meese, and George W. Bush with two- John Ashcroft and Alberto Gonzales, and no one except us obsessive leftists remembers those national disgraces.


gruaud said…
Knocked it right out of the park, GE.

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