A New Definition of Chutzpah

You've heard the old one, I'm sure- killing your parents and then begging the court for mercy because you are an orphan.  Well, that has nothing on this:

"WASHINGTON —€” Six years after the government rescued the American International Group from the brink of collapse, the bailout came under a new microscope on Monday, with the opening of an unusual trial that challenges the legality of the government's actions...At the heart of the case, unfolding here in the United States Court of Federal Claims, is a question that six years ago seemed unthinkable to the American conscience: Did A.I.G. get a raw deal?

Maurice R. Greenberg, the former A.I.G. chief executive who through his company Starr International continues to hold a major stake in the insurance company, argues that the answer is an unequivocal "yes."€ Mr. Greenberg, who sued the government on behalf of fellow shareholders, is seeking more than $40 billion in compensation."

$40 billion.  By way of reference, the entire Federal expenditure for unemployment payments last year was $64 billion.

"In turn, the government sought to paint Mr. Greenberg and the A.I.G. shareholders as ingrates with a sense of "€œentitlement" that knows no bounds. After all, the company ultimately received a $182 billion lifeline from the government, which reaped a $22 billion profit on the deal."

There is just no way to capture the magnitude of the avarice and shamelessness of the rich in this country, nor to describe the intensity of their belief that everything belongs to them.  If it were not for the Federal government, which entered into a totally voluntary agreement with them, this company would be a smoking ruin- which incidentally is exactly what it should have been, with its stockholders having lost every penny that they invested unwisely in this corrupt operation.  Instead, its sociopathic owners waited until they assumed the American populace had totally forgotten the outrage that was directed toward this Republican deal, and now want every single person in the country to cough up a hundred dollars to repair the damage they did to themselves through their criminality.  Try that if you ever go bankrupt.

A Government agent probably said it best: "The goal was not to save A.I.G. The goal was to save the world from A.I.G."€  Sad to say, in this country of Citizens United, Bush v. Gore, etc. we probably will be charged $40 billion so these bastards can have a huge unearned payday.


Jerry Critter said…
AIG should stick it where the sun don't shine!
Unknown said…
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Unknown said…
There is no end to the unmitigated brass these pukes have. It won't be long till they'll start asking their employees for a fee just to have the privilege of working for them.

The government screwed up a perfect opportunity to rid the planet of some serious parasites when they opted for bailouts.

But then, what else should we have expected from a parasitic party and their implanted head parasite?

The frightening thing is; it appears they're on the verge of a completely unexplained, unearned majority of both the Senate and House and very possibly the White House as well.

Simply because the electorate is displeased with the way things are - so let's make it worse; at least it's a change.

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