Oh God! Stolen Jets! Let's All Panic and Hide Under the Bed!!!

In the last few hours, in a superb example of the wingnut noise machine's ability to generate panic from nothing, a story involving the theft of perhaps a dozen passenger jets by militant Islamists has spread like wildfire around the right wing media.  Here's an example from Newsmax:

Naturally, there is not one single story about this from anything but right wing sources on Google.  That ain't stoppin' these guys, oh no.  It's such an easily disproven lie that this particular wingnut outrage will probably not have legs, but we'll see.

Update:  Hours later now, but still not a story about the theft of all of these passenger planes in the regular media.  It's still spreading around in wingnut world- let's just see how long they go with it before dropping it for a new lie.


Anonymous said…
How Neville Chamberlain of you
Green Eagle said…
I think I'll just leave this remark of yours up, Anonymous, as a tribute to the obstinate stupidity of the right. Chamberlain erred in refusing to see the truth in front of his face. Apparently, I erred by refusing to buy into your pathetic lies.

As of this point, the top hits on Google go to Newsmax, Twitch, Fox News, World Net Daily, the Washington
Times, and on and on...right wing lie factories, all of them. I can't find a single mainstream news source that has given this preposterous lie a shred of coverage.

Why not climb back into your hole and stop bothering rational people?
Anonymous said…
that is because they don't want people to know that Obama failed there. Come on they are all related by marriage. The MSM is deeply committed to the cause
Green Eagle said…
Uh huh. The entire mainstream press is engaged in a conspiracy of silence to hide an incredible story which would make the career of any of the thousands of journalists who must now be aware of it. This is a fantastic revelation on the level of the conservative discovery that the entire scientific world is engaged in a conspiracy to hide the truth of the nonexistence of global warming, involving the generation of thousands of false studies every year.

This is just one more conservative lie, to add to the thousands that conservatives tell every day.

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