They Report- We Decide

We decide what a pack of vicious asses they really are.   Courtesy of Little Green Footballs, which has been all over this story, here is a shot of the website of the Orlando Fox affiliate, reporting on the neo-Nazi group which has taken it upon itself to patrol the streets of Stanford, FL:

Yes, the self-styled Nazis in the "National Socialist Movement" are now described by Fox as a "civil rights group."  This would be the same Fox which constantly describes blacks and liberals as racists.  There is just no level of despicable behavior that right wingers will not willingly sink to.


Their services in this matter carry as much value as the drunks who piss in the alley to keep the fire hazard low.

I can't decide if I meant Fox, or the Klan?
Anonymous said…
Faux News exposes Faux NBC for misleading the public y purposely editing the 911 call Zimmerman made .

And all the commentators from NBC swore to it.

Thanks but I already decided a long time ago.
Anonymous said…
this whole post look like the propaganda works of Media Matters .

"Look what was there but isn't any more"

or "Look at this but not that"

or "We will take something someone said and explain to you what they really meant"

Sounds like that 50,00 square foot bldg in Chicago being used for Obama's re-election is in full propaganda mode.
Must be nice to have tons of cash to use for smearing.
Green Eagle said…

In the words of the general, "You can't handle the truth."
Do you have a shred of fact to back up your claim that my post is lying propaganda? Because it's not. Yeah, eventually the Fox station changed this post, but this is a capture of the original. You owe us an apology for your baseless smear.

You are defending someone who regards Nazis as a civil rights group. Can't you see what a scum that makes you out to be?
Anonymous said…
I see no poof this article was accurate either. And from Media Matters past I can probably guaranteed it was conjured up by them. Especially since the owner of Media Matters grew up in a society where media propaganda was widely used. Speaking of Nazis
Anonymous said…
They also used it to influence children. hmmmmm children. Now who is always trying to influence children? or should I say "brainwash" children?
Grung_e_Gene said…
Anonymous, I don't understand your quotes. who over at Media Matter said those things? George Soros?

Or is it you're just racist and stupid?
Green Eagle said…
Anonymous, give us some examples of Media Matters lying. I don't think you can do it, and I know that I can give you hundreds from any major right wing "news" source.

Otherwise, I think you really need to rethink your attitude.
Dave Dubya said…
Ha. "Brainwashed", indeed.

As usual, Anonymous trolls don't know what they're talking about.

That doesn't stop them from spreading falsehoods by repeating their indoctrination.

In the Orwellian world of the radical Right, ignorance is strength.

Media Matters was started by a former Republican. He understands how deceptive the Right needs to be in order to convince people to vote against their interests in favor of the economic elites' agenda.

Look out! Here come the Nazis!
Dave Dubya said…
Especially since the owner of Media Matters grew up in a society where media propaganda was widely used.

Yes, this is true; he was a Republican.
Green Eagle said…
And of course, as any rational person would have expected, Anonymous has managed to come up with nothing to support his baseless smears against Media Matters.
Magpie said…
"Civil Rights" carries a particular historical connotation in America.

To call a bunch of neo-Nazis THAT, of all things, in this context...

Surely it was a deliberate provocation.
Green Eagle said…
I'm sure you are right, Magpie, although with the added benefit of throwing some gratuitous red meat to their base, who love nothing more than to show liberals how little they care for the truth when it stands in the way of more tax cuts.

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