Ted Nugent Declares ‘I Will Either Be Dead or in Jail’ if Obama Is Re-elected

Hey, another reason to vote for Obama.


yep, the reasons just keep mounting up to vote for Obama. I didn't know Ted was a huckster until about 10 years ago I read that he had boasted he was taking millions and living in luxury off dumb ass liberals and strung out rockers that flocked to his concerts. I didn't like what he said, but would agree with him, anyone who goes to his concert and is a liberal, they are indeed a dumb ass.
Anonymous said…
Obviously you don't understand the comment. No need to explain it to educated people.
Man it sure is a dog-eat-dog world out there isn't it?,lol!!!!!!!!
Green Eagle said…
I don't understand the comment? What I understand is that Ted is a has-been rocker that was never more than mediocre in the day and who hasn't had a hit for decades. He's willing to do anything for a little attention, including threatening Democratic politicians on numerous occasions. He was a gutless worm who evaded the draft during Vietnam and now he wants to pretend that he's tough. Well, he's still a gutless worm, just a gutless worm with a gun.

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