Still Wrong About BushTorture

Reuters reports this rather unsurprising finding:

"A nearly three-year-long investigation by Senate Intelligence Committee Democrats is expected to find there is little evidence the harsh "enhanced interrogation techniques" the CIA used on high-value prisoners produced counter-terrorism breakthroughs."

Unsurprising, but wrong headed.  To this day, virtually no one is ready to accept the ugly truth about the Bush Administration's degradation of our country by resorting to torture. 

In fact, the torture was extremely successful.  This is because its purpose was never to discover the truth.  When the miserable lies Bush, Cheney, Colin Powell, et. al. told to get us into our Iraq aggression became painfully clear, they needed something, anything to justify what they had done.  Torture was used not to find the truth but to force the victims to tell lies- the lies that Bush wanted to hear- the lies that Saddam did have weapons of mass destruction, that he did have links with Al Qaeda.  And in this, they were totally successful.  Torture those poor suckers enough and they said anything we wanted them to- even the preposterous claim that Cheney was telling the truth for once in his rotten life.

The American people, and their representatives in the press, are still not ready to face the fact that a treasonous, seditious pack of corrupt criminals has totally seized control of what was once a fairly legitimate political party, and is knowingly guiding our country to ruin as it plunders every scrap of wealth we have.  Until they are ready to confront this ugly reality, they will never be able to deal with it, and the Republicans will continue to destroy our way of life.


Grung_e_Gene said…
Absolutely correct as usual Green Eagle. Dude keep up the good work. Never let the righ-wing punk ass bitches forget that Bush/Sheney/Alberot Gonzales/John Yoo are fucking war criminals who will never go abroad for fear a Foreign Nation which still respects laws will arrest and imprision them.
Green Eagle said…
Thanks. I must say that I can't see much difference between Bush's invasion of Iraq and Hitler's invasion of Czechoslovakia, both carried out after a lying campaign to frighten people into believing that the other country represented a massive threat to their safety.

That may seem harsh, but I repeat: I don't see the difference.

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