Baal and Commies

Faced with a moderate, business-friendly Democratic President who is gradually, despite endless obstruction, healing the damage caused by a decade of Republican government, the Republican party seems to be descending into a bottomless pit of madness.  Here are a couple of recent examples of this frightening phenomenon.

The first comes from Congressman Alan West.  This guy totally amazes me.  In furtherance of the right's jingoistic feigned adulation of the military, the Republicans decided to run an ex-military man for Congress.  Well, okay, but did they have to pick one who was forced to leave the military because he was caught abusing prisoners?  Sad to say, to Republicans, that's apparently a feature, not a bug.  Well, Mr. West took it upon himself a couple of days ago to state the following:

“I believe there’s about 78 to 81 members of the Democratic Party (in the House of Representatives) that are members of the Communist Party.”

Note that he didn't accuse 78 to 81 Democratic Congressmen of being Communists- that would be nothing, since Republicans all over the place accuse all Democrats of being Communists.  No, he accused these unnamed guys of actually being members of the Communist party.  The nonsense of this claim is stratospheric.  West's spokesmen have spent the last couple of days giving all sorts of ridiculous explanations of what he supposedly meant; as if the meaning of what he says is not crystal clear.  Of course, it will never occur to the mainstream press, which is willing to savage Hillary Rosen (whoever she is) for suggesting that Ann Romney doesn't have much to worry about in life, having a $200 million nest egg, to demand that this jackass either produce his list of Commies, or shut his mouth permanently.  No, Republicans are allowed to spread any smear, while Democrats have everything they say twisted into a lie.

The next, and even greater, idiocy comes from Republican philosopher and spokesman Glenn Beck; and here it is:

“I really think we are a society globally that is now worshiping Baal,” he added, referring to one of many ancient Semitic fertility gods, which Christians consider to be a demon. “We’re not doing it consciously, but we are doing it. We’re worshiping Baal.”


Can one of the "centrists" that the media constantly foists off on us please explain to me what the middle ground is between a guy who is trying to give medical care to 30 million people, and someone who claims to believe that his opponents are worshippers of an ancient war god?  There is no common ground between decent human beings and the pack of greed and hate maddened lunatics that are the Republican party today.  And anyone who thinks there is, is living in a world of delusions nearly as great as those inhabiting the mind of someone who believes that most of the people around him are worshipping Baal.

If the Republican party does not give up this malignant madness, our country is doomed.  And I see not a shred of a reason to believe that they will do that.


Magpie said…
Baal is a name given to various gods. There are multiple traditions and confusions.
Islam is not fond of Baal either.

I assume Glenn Beck has got his info from the television show Stargate, wherein Baal is a system lord of the alien Goa'uld who rule much of the galaxy.

Someone find a Stargate and shove Beck through it please.
I don’t care where.
Pluto will do.
Dave Dubya said…
The hallmark of a fascist is to label his democratic opposition "communist".

The Big Lie theory once again.
mastercynic said…
Badmouthing Baal really makes me mad!
Green Eagle said…
Magpie, as usual, you are quite correct. I didn't want to be deflected into a discussion about Beck's ignorance of ancient religion, so I just took his statements in that regard as correct, but in fact, the word "Ba'al", which can roughly be translated as "master," was applied to many ancient Gods, as the word "Lord" is today.

And I claim no special knowledge here- you can easily find this out by Googling the word "Baal" and going to the very first hit- a Wikipedia article. Of course, we couldn't expect Beck (or is it Be'ek?) to exert to that Herculean effort before shooting his mouth off.

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