Republicans Spell Out Their Plans for Our Retirement

Courtesy of Ellen Meade at American Thinker, where they are always on the cutting edge of Conservative ideology:

"Work 'til You Drop: Is that such a bad idea?...maybe it's time for politicians to stop pandering when it comes to shoring up the system and instead rethink the retirement entitlement altogether.

Maybe we just need to look back at our history.

In the early 1900s, nearly 80 percent of Americans over the age of 65 had a job.  Dora Costa, an economic historian at UCLA, says people stopped working only if they were no longer physically able to.  They expected to work as long as they lived.

Is that such a terrible thing?"

And what could make more sense than going back to that?  Work till you die.  Not so bad for Mitt Romney, whose "work" consists of collecting $20 million a year for doing nothing, but how about those eighty year old ditch diggers and waitresses?  Well, they do have another option- in the coming Republican America, where only the rich have medical care, old people could just go back to croaking at 60 or 65.  And, as the man said, if they really can't work, "are there no workhouses?" 

There is just no end to the sociopathic greed of Conservatives.  These hateful people are going to take us back to the short, brutish life that people had a thousand years ago, if we give them the chance.  Of course, they aren't planning to go on the trip with us; no, they will still have their five houses and their car elevators.  After all, they deserve those things, don't they?  It's all the rest of us that deserve to die young and to work until we do.


St. Joan said…
It's astonishing to me how selfish, greedy, and unkind --not just the rich--but the right in general are. I feel in my heart that a change is in the wind.
Jerry Critter said…
That's certainly in keeping with the republican healthcare program -- Don't get sick. If you do, die quickly!
Great post and spot on GE.

And I wanted to congratulate for one of the best comments I ever saw at Rational nation when you told RN he was an idiot.
Bus drivers and waitresses didn't save up $800k for retirement and health care under the GOP? On those wages, really, what were they thinking?
mastercynic said…
I think your scenario is already here. It's been shown that the increase in longevity is wholly skewed to the wealthy.
Green Eagle said…
1. Mastercynic- you are absolutely right.

2. Thanks, Truth. I always love to make annoying comments on right wingers' blogs.
Magpie said…
Oh…. RUN with THAT Republicans.

RUN with it.


Go ahead.

Tell the voting public that the sum reward for a life of hard work is to keel over dead at the assembly line.

Tell voters that people shouldn’t be ‘entitled’ to have their own dreams.

Please tell the public that kicking back in the winter of one’s life and teaching the grandkids to fish is just a nasty selfish liberal thing to do.

Please tell them how ‘good’ people work till they die for the greater glory of the fat bastard upstairs who owns a private jet.

See what the people have to say about that.

I dare you.

I double dare you.


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