More on the Supreme Court

In relation to my previous comment, I would like to recommend an excellent article at Consortium News, by Sam Perry.  Here's a small sample:

"What happens to a Republic under a written Constitution if a majority of the Supreme Court, which is empowered to interpret that Constitution, goes rogue? What if the court’s majority simply ignores the wording of the founding document and makes up the law to serve some partisan end? Does that, in effect, turn the country into a lawless state where raw power can muscle aside the democratic process?

Something very much like that could be happening if the Supreme Court’s five Republicans continue on their apparent path to strike down the individual mandate at the heart of the Affordable Care Act. In doing so, they will be rewriting the Constitution’s key Commerce Clause and thus reshaping America’s system of government by fiat..."

The rest of the article is excellent, and I recommend that you click on the link and read it.  I want to emphasize that, at the present time, nothing threatens the continued democratic existence of the United States as much as the willingness of five corrupt Justices to destroy our Constitutional government.


Silverfiddle said…
The author should be asking that of our congress, because they've been going rogue for a long time now.

The progressive stretching of the commerce clause is what is rogue. Under liberal interpretation, there is nothing government may not do.

What you lefties seem to keep forgetting is that if your guys can hijack government, rightwingconservatives can to.

The difference between you and me is I don't want anyone doing it.

Anyone who vests that must trust in government is naive and foolish.

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