Wingnut Wrapup

I feel I have to clear the decks here, for the avalanche of Conservative abuse we are expecting, in response to President Obama having dared to tell the truth about Republicans today.

Let's start out with a general assessment of the American condition, by regular commenter Chuck Baldwin at Renew America:

"For all intents and purposes, the US Constitution is dead; the Bill of Rights is dead; the vision of the Founding Fathers is dead; and federalism and republicanism are also dead. What we have left is a blend of socialism, welfarism, fascism, statism, and warfarism, with fascism becoming the dominant "ism" of the bunch."

Man, things are tough.  Chuck goes on, of course, to imply that Obama is just like Hitler.  I won't bother you with that.  So, let's just move on, shall we:

Newt Gingrich:  "Why does the president behave the way that people would think that [he’s Muslim]? You have to ask, why would they believe that? It’s not cause they’re stupid. "

No, Newt, it's not because they're stupid.  It's because they are a pack of racist pigs.  Hope that cleared things up for you.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "Awful… Obama Administration Leaks Information on Israel’s Secret Military Alliance With Azerbaijan "

Israel...Azerbaijan...what is this, the plot for Borat 2?

John Hinderaker, Instapundit:  "“President Obama has fanned the flames of hatred in the Trayvon Martin case...In other words, he’s a racist hatemonger. Just to be clear."

Just to be clear.  Thanks so much for sharing your opinion with us, John.

David P. Goldman, Pajamas Media:  "Syria's Chemical Weapons: A Motivation for an Israeli Strike on Iran"

Classic right wing foreign policy.  Sort of like "Bin Laden in Afghanistan: A motivation for an American strike of Iraq."  After all, those towel heads are all the same, right?

Andrew Klavan, Pajamas Media:  "ObamaCare — How Nice People Crush Freedom"

By helping people not be sick?  Interesting.

Lloyd Marcus, Renew America:  "Al Sharpton: appointed to keep black voters angry and ill-informed"

Unlike you, Lloyd, who appointed yourself to keep voters informed that Obama is a Kenyan born Muslim Communist dedicated to destroying the United States.  I think I'll stick with Al.

Stanley Zir, Renew America:  "Indisputable proof: Obama is staging a coup...I predicted with pinpoint accuracy and precise wording, on the night before his address, what President Obama would say and why, and what actions he would take. You cannot do better than that to make the case that supports one's position...I was able to accomplish this feat because I knew long before he took office that Obama was a Communist, and like all tyrants throughout history, their agenda and actions are predictable, especially when they wish to gain control over the government by staging a coup."

I am going to do something I rarely do here, and link to this article.  It is such a hilarious collection of right wing delusion that you might like to read it.  I particularly enjoyed the part later in the piece where Stanley compares Obama to Dracula.

Michael Gaynor, Renew America:  "Why President Obama pushed unconstitutional Obamacare"

Oh, I don't know, maybe to give a lot of people access to health care?  Of course not.  Foolish Me.  It was to do the bidding of ACORN.  I should have figured that out by myself.  I'm just so naive.

Andy Butcher, Newsmax:  "A controversial pro-life movie that almost didn’t get its own life has become a surprise box office hit."

Well, it did earn 1.11% as much as the weekend leader, Hunger Games.  That's a huge hit, right?

World Net Daily:  "They were your children ... until Obamacare"

Yup, under Obamacare, your children aren't yours any more.  After all, if government pays to keep them healthy, what rights do you have left?

Helen Whalen Cohen, Town Hall:  "Great News: Obamacare Contains A $17 Billion Funding Gap"

$17 billion.  $17BILLION!  Oh my God, what will we ever do!  What is that, about what George W. Bush spent every tweek destroying Iraq?  But, you say, that was a GOOD thing to spend money on- bombing a bunch of Arabs.  Giving health insurance to 30 million more people is just a socialist plot to enslave them.

Cardinal Dolan:  "Obama’s Actions Are Radical, Unprecedented, and Dramatically Intrusive”

Listen, Cardinal Dolan, you know what you Catholic priests do that is  really "dramatically intrusive?"  No...I'm not going to say it.  Even Green Eagle has some self control.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "It figures.  Trayvon Martin was reportedly targeted by community watchman George Zimmerman because he was wearing a hoodie.  So how did Zimmerman ever get the idea that someone in a hoodie might be suspicious?  From the Obama Administration, of course."

Of course!  Of course, a racist murders an unarmed black teen, and it's Obama's fault!  Of course it it!  Everything is his fault. And by the way, buddy, if George Zimmerman is a community watchman, Jeffrey Dahmer was a nutritionist.

Lloyd Marcus, Renew America:  "Could a white president have so successfully pulled off shredding the Constitution to further his agenda? I think not."

Forgot George W. Bush again, huh, Lloyd?

Frankl McGuire, Renew America:  "Progressivism is fascism...Progressivism is clearly the re-emergence of fascism. In fact, Progressivism and Mussolini's Fascism were coeval and co-dependent. They grew up as virtual twins."

Counting on your readers to be really, really ignorant, huh, Frank?  Well, it's probably a good bet.

Katy Kieffer, Town Hall:  "Coal is my lifestyle"

Glad to hear that, Katy.  We'll keep that in mind.

Newsmax:  "Gingrich: I Can Support Santorum, Talk of Shared Ticket to Stop Romney"

Santorum-Gingrich.  Please, please, please, O God, give us this gift.

Mike Adams, Town Hall:  "There are more Marxists teaching in Sociology Departments in America than living in the former Soviet Union."

Have any evidence of that, Mike? A few names?   Oh, you have one:

"Among the least competent and most intellectually dishonest is Gary L. Faulkner, Professor Emeritus from the University of North Carolina."

Mike, did anyone ever tell you that the word "emeritus" means that he is retired?  Well, so did you maybe find one single example of a current professor in the United States who is a Marxist, compared to the millions that must still be left in Russia?  No?  Well, then, get back to us when you come up with something you have some evidence for. 

Lurita Doan, Town Hall:  "Who Is Barack Obama?"

He's the President of the United States, Lurita...Deal with it, already.


Grung_e_Gene said…
It was Glenn Reynolds with the bigoted comment about President Obama.

There's something particularly pernicious about the Right-Wing claiming President Obama was supposed to be a racial uniter while they work themselves into a foaming bigoted lather to fan the flames of racism.

And there's something especially ignorant or poignant about White Entitlement when a flabby, pasty faced bigot like Glenn Reynolds can have hundreds of thousands of like-minded racists agree that the worst thing facing America is their trumped up reverse-racism claims...
PollP P. said…
A nice amusing bunch of tripe today. I'll have a half-kilo, please.
mastercynic said…
Unfortunately, it will be the Supreme Court shredding the constitution for the foreseeable future.
Green Eagle said…
Thanks, Gene. I wouldn't want to give credit to the wrong wingnut.

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