Republican Governing at its Finest

I found the following story, as reported at Talking Points Memo, so revealing:

"In a major escalation of a slowly building fight over funding the government, the White House has warned House Republicans, in no uncertain terms, that the government will shut down in September if the GOP does not adhere to an agreement they cut with Democrats in August during the standoff over raising the nation’s debt limit...

The development sets up a confrontation between GOP leaders and their right-leaning rank and file members, who will rebel if Republicans blink and adhere to the debt limit caps."

They will rebel if Republicans "blink" and, despite right wing demands, keep their word for once.  Obviously, it is too much for the right to tolerate for Republican leaders, for one time, to prove themselves to be honest negotiators.  Such a thing is intolerable.  Republicans are there to help the rich thieve the country blind, not to engage in the legislative process.  Anything that stands in the way of their lofty goal is treachery, and must be destroyed.


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