Rubio.  The same ridiculous, out of control Republican primary process that brought us Michelle Bachmann, Herman Cain, Donald Trump, etc. etc. etc. seems to be fixated on Marco Rubio as just a wonderful choice for a vice presidential candidate.  Here's an example of the mainstream press hyping this story, from Monica Crowley in Time Magazine:

"Now that Mitt Romney has, in an important psychological sense, clinched the Republican nomination, the conversation is turning to the question of his running mate. And everyone seems to agree that Florida Senator Marco Rubio is a compelling option: young, telegenic, Hispanic and from a critical swing state. There’s just one problem–Rubio insists he doesn't want to be vice president." 

One problem?  I'll tell you what:  I can think of two others.  First of all, though Marco Rubio was born in the United States, neither of his parents was a U.S. citizen at the time of his birth.  How will that go down with all the people that have been screaming for years that Obama is ineligible to be President because one of his parents was not a U.S. Citizen?  What?  Are you telling me that it doesn't make any difference when it's one of their guys?  No, that can't be true.

And then there's this:  When Marco Rubio was eight years old, his parents converted to the Mormon religion; subsequently he was brought up as a Mormon.  Oh boy, two Mormons on the ticket.  That will really appeal to right wing "Christians," won't it?

Foreign parents...a religion that fundamentalists don't consider to be Christian?  Sound sort of familiar?  Well, at the very least, it would provide a wonderful experiment in just how monstrously hypocritical the American right is.


Anonymous said…
when you are born here you are automatically a citizen. Plus they didn't come here for the free goods and they didn't sneak in here either.
I am sure he has the "un"doctored proof.
Plus I am sure the media will make sure to do all their investigating to prove it or otherwise. Or maybe they should just use the same argument the left has been using when defending Obama's legality.....RACISTS!!!!!!
Green Eagle said…
So the phrase "naturally born citizen" actually means nothing? How surprising, given all the screaming you wingnuts have done about it when the citizen involved is a black man. Like I said, a real sign of the malignant hypocrisy without which no wingnut is ready for action.
Cardinal44 said…
Since conservatives lump all brown people together, they probably don't realize that his Cuban heritage isn't much of a selling point to the majority of this country's latino voters.

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