Donald Trump today, in a speech in Ohio, speaking about Congressional Democrats that failed to give a standing ovation to his canned State of the Union applause lines:

“They were like death. And un-American. And someone said ‘treasonous.’ Eh, why not? Can we call that treason? Well, why not?"

Failing to cheer the great leader Trump?  Treason.

Collaborating with a hostile foreign dictator to rig the election?  Just fine.

Three observations here:

1.  This man is stark raving mad, and suffering from delusions of his own grandeur that have reached the point where he may be legitimately suspected of being schizophrenic.

2.  The rest of his party is just fine with that, as long as he continues to advance the interests of their rich backers.

3.  And given the first two observations, this country is hovering on the brink of actual, out and out fascism.  How long will it be now, as the net is closing in on Trump, before he acts on the claim that anyone who fails to worship him is a traitor, and starts having Democrats arrested en masse?  This sort of fear is not a delusion any more; it is a real possibility for this to happen.

Then what?  Will the gutless Democrats just let it happen?  Sad to say, that is very likely.


Jerry Critter said…
I’m sure his rich backers are not too happy with the stock market performance last Friday and today. It will be interesting to see how Trump will make it the Democrats fault.
Green Eagle said…
Alex Jones is in the forefront, already accusing the Democrats of sabotaging the stock market to hurt Trump. Don't worry, Jerry, Green Eagle will be on the lookout for the developments of this line of reasoning, particularly if this keeps up for another day or two.

By the way, not that it means that much, but Wall Street futures are now predicting that the Dow is going to open tomorrow another thousand points lower. At that point, we will witness a real Trump administration panic, as he has tagged so much of his public image to the rise of the Dow. We'll see.

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