Treason Part Two

Of course, as always happens with the hateful, piggish things that Trump spews out, Republicans are now all trying to claim that Donald Trump was just kidding when he called Democrats traitors for refusing to stand and cheer him at the State of the Union address.

For the record, here is Trump actually making the accusation.  I had to look at two dozen different videos of this before I found one that allowed me to show you the words of our President, without having to sit through a commercial first, which should be outrageous to any American.  Anyway, I am sure that you find this guy as sickening as I do, so let me tell you that you can go to about the 2:10 mark to hear the pertinent remarks.

Take a look, if you can stomach it, and decide for yourself whether this subhuman monster was kidding when he stated that it is treason for someone to not worship him in public.  Until the utter devolution of the Republican party into lawlessness and hatred, apparently licensed by the election of a black President, this alone would have been enough for him to be removed from office for grotesque incompetence and simple, out and out evil.  Not any more.  We have a party that is composed of nothing but criminals.  They have used their criminality to seize control of the entire government, and they are now squeezing the country dry.  And despite their shrieks about patriotism and morality, there is not one shred of honesty, decency or humanity among the entire bunch of them.  Everyone* knows this, but no one with any power is willing to even try to stop them.

*By everyone, of course, I mean everyone except the brain dead people who the Republicans, after a decades-long multibillion dollar propaganda war, have convinced that greed and hatred are morally superior to honesty, concern for others and common human decency.


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