Hypocrisy indeed

From the Washington Post today:

"Rand Paul’s warning about the GOP’s deficit hypocrisy reverberates"

What of course never reverberated at the Washington Post or anywhere else in the mainstream media was liberals writing almost every day since at least the Reagan administration about the same thing.

No, it only counts if a Republican says it, thirty years too late, and way too weakly to accomplish anything.  Liberals being right about this (as about virtually every other thing they say) means nothing, because liberals just don't get a place at the journalistic table, even such an allegedly liberal one as the Washington Post.

So we go on with people endlessly repeating that Republicans are "fiscally conservative," that Paul Ryan is a serious policy wonk instead of a criminal leading the theft of our nation's resources, that Mitch McConnell is really trying to do the right thing for the country, that Donald Trump is right on the verge of "turning everything around" and being a magnificent President, that the Democrats really caused the government shutdown, that there's nothing really wrong with sending a sexual molester of children to the Senate, that threatening to start a nuclear war represents mature foreign policy, that the hyper rich deserve a six trillion dollar giveaway and on and on.  The mainstream press is not allowed to acknowledge the most obvious truth until some Republican finds a way to use it to benefit himself; until then, it's straight down the road to hell, and who cares about truth.


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