Fox News Comes Up With Answer to School Shooting

Greg Gutfield, at Fox News:

" Learning combat. Learning hand-to-hand combat. This works, by the way, for terror, if there’s a terror attack, and it works for school shootings."

Hand to hand combat.  By means of which these people
are going to take down an active shooter with an AR-15.  A really practical alternative to gun control.


Magpie said…
It's not an alternative to gun control but it is an alternative to mass gun ownership.

Get fit, learn respect for oneself and for others, form friendships. Great for this 'mental health' thing that Republicans actually don't give a crap about.
Betamax said…
They (by which I mean NRA-bought mouthpieces and other assorted cowards who stuff their bank accounts via mounds of dead children and the wannabes who just wish the NRA would buy them a house) will make any number of lunatic suggestions before they countenance even the most mild gun control ideas.

This dimwit is basically saying every school child should be a movie action hero or videogame character.

One before that seriously suggested that children ought to just throw themselves at the murderer in a wave. Like zombie lemmings until one got in a lucky punch, or maybe the gun got all jammed with their accumulated blood, brains and hair?

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