The Only Real Solution

The problem with violence in this country is not too many guns.  It is not a lack of mental health services.  It is not Democrats correctly pointing out how stupid and ignorant the Republican base is, causing Republicans to be very sad. 

Here is the real problem:

One of the two political parties in the United States exists solely for the purpose of further enriching two or three hundred of the richest families in America.  This is to be accomplished by, essentially, stripping all of the wealth from the remaining 340 million Americans.  In return, these rich families have committed themselves to funding whatever smear campaigns, vote thievery or any other corruption is needed to keep that party in power.

Of course, no one who was not a member of those two or three hundred families would have a reason on earth to support such a program.  It became obvious forty or fifty years ago that anyone who paid attention to political reality in the United States could easily see what was happening.  The answer to this problem was not a commitment to political morality from that party, but to generate a voting base which was oblivious to, and contemptuous of, fact, and which voted totally based on hatred, greed and the hunger for violence which, unfortunately, lies dormant in so many of us.  It was the very justifiable opinion of this party that they could control these feral voters, simply because they knew that the other party would never stoop to the degenerate tactics necessary to generate this kind of rage. 

Unfortunately for everyone, once the forces within people that control their worst instincts- call them what you will, conscience, morals, whatever- have been neutralized, the resulting behavior cannot be constrained to the voting booth.  And thus, hatred and violence stalk the land.

The only answer to this problem (short of giving in and living in a dystopian hell) is to destroy that political party, and see to it that all of its leaders pay the price for the abomination they knowingly created. There is no reforming people once they have gone this far down the road to inhumanity; they must be done away with so the rest of us can get back to living lives that are not consumed with fighting this evil.


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