Sunday, July 2, 2017


From the very first time I heard of Twitter I thought it was an abominable thing, because its 140 character limit is suitable for nothing but sound bites, and it essentially eliminates the possibility of any sort of real analysis of anything; in other words, it plays right into the Republican party's strength.  I have, consequently, refused to have anything to do with it, and believed that every decent person should have spoken out against its use as a tool of political propaganda.

Well, with Trump's tweets of the last few days, including the new one showing Trump beating a man who seems to have a CNN logo for a head, I think my position, in which I have been almost alone, has been pretty well demonstrated to be true.  Twitter is responsible in very significant part for the deterioration of our political discourse from its formerly miserable state into the ugly screamfest it has now become, and the chief beneficiary is the single person who cares the least about what damage he does using it.

It is time to openly recognize that the use of Twitter for political comments is very likely to identify the user as a shallow minded manipulator.  Oh, we may see the occasional clever remark from some Twitter user on the left, but it is like throwing a rock at somebody shooting at you with a machine gun.  Twitter has become what it inevitably was destined to be: a tool to manipulate the most shallow minded, unthinking people among us.  To stoop to having anything to do with it is to essentially license its use as a propaganda tool.


Carl said...

"because its 140 character limit is suitable for nothing but sound bites"

Aren't most of your "Wingnut Wrap-up" comments under 140 characters.

What do you think you are looking at here, given that he is about 6'-2" tall? 325? 350?

It's just a fraction of the weight of the rocks in Green Eagle's head.

Green Eagle said...


Flying Junior said...

Green Eagle,

Like anything else, Twitter can be used or abused. It is only a platform. Maybe not the best platform, but enormously successful. Nobody ever really cared that much about Twitter one way or the other.

Until Trump.

I say all of this, because my friend, the Field Negro has been on Twitter for many years.

So, it's not just this ridiculous video GIF or whatever that is the telling story. Yes, it is pathetic. But what is worse is the original clip from the phony takedown of Vince McMahon in Wrestlemani XXIII.

What a sick fuck! What a violent fantasy. Why would anybody in their right mind bring this back to the light of day ten years later?

Insane in the membrane.

Flying Junior said...

Honestly, I'd rather have a president who grits his teeth while making love to his woman than a guy who grits his teeth doing homoerotic hazing and torture.