Thursday, July 20, 2017

Please, John

I don't want to minimize the serious situation in which John McCain finds himself.  I've had people close to me die of cancer, and I know what that is like.  But I will tell you what I am thinking about this:  John McCain is a man who married a woman worth hundreds of millions of dollars (after dumping his first wife,) and who consequently has not a shred of worry about how to pay for his own care, nor does he have to make decisions about paying for his own treatment at the price of leaving his family destitute.

Please, John, take a little bit of time to put yourself outside of your own privileged situation, and think about all of the people in this country who have to face what you are facing, without a huge stash of money to pay for it.  Go back to the Senate and demand that this abomination be eliminated.  We now know, from the behavior of your fellow Republicans, that there is no way to guarantee this except by a single payer system, minimally just extending Medicare to everyone.  Spend what time you have left using your power to get that done, and you will go down in history alongside Franklin Delano Roosevelt, not Trump and McConnell and the other members of your party who will promote any evil if it benefits their backers.

Do the right thing, and die proud, John.  Think about it.


Flying Junior said...


The poor guy has been sick probably since last Christmas and you want him to step up to the plate and just kick the entire republican party in the teeth? Maybe a couple of months before his death. From a brain tumor.

It is very likely in the world of hypotheses that had he been healthy he might have been strong enough to have been a positive force to stand up to Trump. He has very likely been sick for the last nine years. Now that he is in trouble, I think we can afford to give him the benefit of the doubt. I imagine that it probably was the cognitive disconnect for a guy that just wanted to serve his country and an increasingly fascist and criminal republican party that caused him to develop a tumor.

Green Eagle said...

I agree with you that, looking back, we can see signs of his illness in the last half year or so. All I am saying is that this is an issue on which, as with Teddy Kennedy, McCain has tremendous credibility in the time he has left. Small actions from him now can carry tremendous power. I just hope he decides to use this power to do the right thing. Unlike 99% of Republican leaders, there is at least a shred of hope that McCain might decide to go out on the right side of history. Not likely, but we can always hope.

Anonymous said...

No idea what McCain will do, but if he does what you suggest, it would go a long way toward making up for inflicting Sarah Palin and Joe the Plunger on us.

Green Eagle said...

Yeah. Not enough, but some.