Monday, July 17, 2017


Lest we forget, a little news about the situation in Fukushima, from Newsweek, via Yahoo:

"While much progress has been made to clean the area, the company has only just resolved the debate over what to do with the water that was used to cool the plant's damaged reactors, causing it to become tainted with tritium."

What to do...what to do...  Oh wait, I have an idea:

"Takashi Kawamura, chairman of Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO), told foreign media that nearly 777,000 tons of water tainted with tritium, a byproduct of the nuclear process that is notoriously difficult to filter out of water, will be dumped into the Pacific Ocean"

Yeah, just dump it into the ocean.  That'll take care of the problem.

Nuclear energy-the power of the future.  If there is one.


Poll P. said...

Hey, my kid is heading to Japan. Hope he doesn't come back glowing green!

Green Eagle said...

Don't worry- they are dumping the water in the Pacific, where it can race him to see which gets to LA first.

Anonymous said...

Takashi Kawamura, I'm guessing he didn't watch any of the early angry Godzilla movies.

Professor Chaos said...

Is this the beginning of a new Godzilla reboot?