Tough Guy

In case you haven't seen this photo yet, before you look below, take a guess who it is:

Well, it's not an action adventure movie actor.  It's the King of Jordan, who announced today that Jordan is going to attack ISIS until it doesn't have a bomb or a bullet left.  Life imitates art, huh?


Magpie said…
He can actually fly things and do stuff.

And I don’t mean car elevators and equity raids.
Jerry Critter said…
I wonder if he has a potato in his pants like Bush did on the deck of the "Mission Accomplished" aircraft carrier.
Green Eagle said…
Judging from the look on this guy's face, I'd guess he doesn't need a potato.
Screech said…
I understand that the King has not actually flown in recent combat action. He has threatened to do so but it hasn't happened. Also, everyone should understand that the US forces are doing 90% of the bombing attacks.
Infidel753 said…
the US forces are doing 90% of the bombing attacks.

Since the killing al-Kass√Ęsbah, the Jordanian air force alone has carried out 20% of the airstrikes against ISIS. Besides the US and Jordan, also Britain, the UAE, and I think Australia have been carrying out air attacks. The US may be doing the majority of the air warfare but certainly not 90%.

Also, all the ground fighting against ISIS is being done by Kurds and Arabs, with some Iranian support. That's the most dangerous part of the fighting and is, in fact, the real war against ISIS, for which the airstrikes are just a support operation.

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