Rudy and Love

I want to point you toward a wonderful article in the New York Daily News today, responding to Rudy Giuliani's recent piggish remark about Obama not "loving" the United States.  The article is by Wayne Barrett, and is entitled "What Rudy Giuliani knows about love — a response to his 'doesn't love America' critique of Obama."  It is a discussion of Giuliani's behavior in his three marriages, and pretty well makes it clear that Rudy Giuliani never loved a thing in his life except himself, and does not have a clue what the word "love" means.

I'll just add that, personally speaking, whatever I feel for my country has very little to do with what I feel for my wife or my kids, or for that matter my Corgi dog. So I would never describe it as "love." Once again, Republicans are just trying to force Obama into some humiliating linguistic concession, the same way that they insist he use exactly the words they want when he talks about Al Qaida or ISIS, or that they smear him whenever he expresses his own feelings about racism.

Well, but it has worked out great for Rudy.  This despicable political has-been has found a way to worm himself back into public attention, at least for a few days.  And even if the long term result is to induce most people to think even less of him than the already abysmal opinion they already had, I guess he'll always have these few days.


Magpie said…
I'm not American and my allegiance is not to the United States.

But I still probably love it more than half the Republican Party.
Jono said…
I think he is just looking for exposure in order to charge more for speaking fees. Probably tired of answering the question, "Who?" when he calls looking for a gig.
Green Eagle said…
And so much of the right wing world is nothing but a con job to part stupid people from their money. Parting them from their votes is just an extra added attraction.
Anonymous said…
Move on already. It's a free country I guess unless you are talking about Dear Leader.
The only reason he is getting exposure is because of the loony left who can't seem to wrap the idea around their heads that maybe Obama is to blame for the way he is perceived.
You can bet if any Republican was associated with Bill Ayers the story would be how....well you know what it would be like.
No need to ask just use your imagination
ez said…
Anonymous, speaking wrapping things around heads, is it time to take the Tin Foil off from around your head?
Anonymous said…
I thought Neville Chamberlain was dead
Green Eagle said…
ez, Anonymous is afraid that if he unwrapped the tinfoil, we'd discover that there is nothing underneath.

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