Republican Judicial Rulings Explained- The Latest Specimen

Because it seems like no one on earth dares speak the truth about what is going on with the recent ruling by U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen, to stop enforcement of Obama's actions on immigration.  The Republicans engaged in the time honored but malign practice of "judge-shopping," finding a G. W. Bush appointed Judge who hates both immigrants and Obama to make this decision, which is so manifestly without merit that it is inevitably going to be overturned.

But, you see, that is fine with Republicans, because here is the reason that this whole charade is taking place:  As we all can see, the Republicans have painted themselves into a really ugly corner over the House's refusal to refund the Department of Homeland Security without kicking Obama in the teeth over his immigration actions.  Unfortunately, the Senate Republicans don't have the votes to pass the House version of the DHS funding bill, and the House Republicans won't budge an inch.  That means that, in ten days, on February 27th, the Department of Homeland Security will be shut down.  As every Republican short of manifestly mentally ill legislators like Ted Cruz or Louie Gohmert realizes, this will be an unmitigated disaster for the Republican party.  Not only will it be a replay of former Republican shutdowns, but polling shows the vast majority of people will blame this totally on the Republican party.  When this has happened before, there has been a collapse of Republican ratings around the country.  But in this case, something more is involved.  This action will reveal to anyone who cares to see it, just what a total pretense the decades-long Republican claim to care about our national security is.  This claim is one of the strongest legs on which the Republicans have built their endless campaign to dupe the American people, and it would be catastrophic for them if it were undermined.

Now, however, due to a compliant judge, the Republicans have an out.  As this judge has put off Obama's plans into the indefinite future, the Republicans can claim that the issue has been resolved, and remove the House immigration rider from a bill that has the party headed over a cliff.  All they have to do is engage in enough legal stalling to prevent a higher court from ruling on this before the end of the month, and they will have extricated themselves from a disaster they built with their own hands.

No, I can't point to a single Republican who admits to this plan (as they never would,) but my experience of politics over the years convinces me that this is what is going on here.  We'll see if I'm right, and if this ruling can be used to get the wild animals in the House back into their cages for a little while longer.

Update:  And as I predicted, here it is:

"McCain to GOP: Fund DHS, let courts decide Obama's immigration actions...
“I would put sufficient blame on the Democrats for not allowing us to move forward in the Senate. But having said that, now I’m hopeful with this court decision—with the declaration that the president himself has acted unconstitutionally as he himself stated I think 22 times—that we would let the courts move forward with this issue since we have a favorable ruling,” he said."

I want to point out two things here.  First of all, this is not some sort of routine partisan maneuvering. It is the corruption of the Federal judiciary to achieve partisan political ends.  Of course, because it is Republicans who are the corrupters and the corrupted, it is just fine, and no one (except me) will have the rudeness to bring this issue up.

And now, while we are on the subject of me, here is my second point, as self-serving as it may seem: as far as I can tell, I am the only person in the entire country to spell out what the purpose of this judicial ruling was.  Not one other person anywhere correctly identified this criminal maneuver. So listen, I am just one guy sitting at his keyboard, with zero connections to the halls of power or anything else, really.  The issue is not whether I am the smartest political commentator in the entire country, the issue is why, with all that has gone on in this country since the Reagan administration, no one, even on the left, is willing to speak the obvious truth.  The security that Republicans feel in committing their endless treachery comes from their confidence that no one will call them on it- no one that counts, anyway, and that category certainly does not include Green Eagle.


Infidel753 said…
Well, we'll see if they take that out. There's some talk of a short-term clean bill to kick the can down the road a couple of months, but that would just bring the problem up again after Hanen's ruling is reversed by a higher court. Anyway, the new Republican caucus is full of legislative suicide-bomber types eager to prove themselves to the "base". They may go over the cliff yet.
joseph said…
For years Republicans have been howling about activist judges. Now they are demanding activist judges. Funny how that works.
Green Eagle said…
Well, they are only "activist" when they don't enable the Republicans' rich backers. When they do, it is "original intent," no matter what the Founding fathers may have said, because we all know that the original intent of the founding fathers was to create a situation where a couple of hundred families pretty much owned the entire country. I mean, it's not like they had a revolution against that sort of thing.

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