The Insanity and Dishonesty of Republican Opposition, part about two million

So, for about a year now, we've heard the Republicans howling to the moon because Obama doesn't use the word "terrorist."  Of course, he has used the word over and over again, but that is an issue for another day.  Now, Obama has been using the term consistently.  So, are the Republicans thanking him for adopting their linguistic demands?

“There’s a set of words, it’s almost as if they’re given a card — a do-not-speak card,” Sen. Ted Cruz (R.-Texas) said last week at the conservative Center for Security Policy think thank. “The words ‘radical Islamic terrorism’ do not come out of the president’s mouth."

So now, you see, Obama has to say "radical Islamic terrorism" or else he is going to be subject to the same savage attacks.  And if he says that, they'll add another demand that he spout out their jingoistic code words.  And on it will go, because you know that he can never win.  If the time comes that they have exhausted every single English word available to heap abuse on Muslims, they will just accuse him of being too vicious, and pretend that they have been the moderate ones all along.

There is no honesty in this at all.  There is nothing but hatred and lust for power.  That is all the Republican party is about (other than systematizing corruption in government) and that is all it will ever be about.


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