Daily Kos Gets It Wrong

As usual with left leaning blogs, by just not being cynical enough.

Here's a quote from a Daily Kos post about Michael Cannon, one of the Cato Institute (i.e. Koch brothers paid) people who came up with the Obamacare challenge, and who is responsible for getting the Supreme Court to vote his way:

"Cannon's job is convincing five Supreme Court justices of his idea that there will be cheaper health insurance when they "get rid of those subsidies and mandates so that the law is not making health insurance so expensive for the majority of these folks in healthcare.gov anymore."

Well, that is not Cannon's job at all.  It is only to give the five corrupt corporate tools on the court cover to decide the way their masters want them to.  And that is a much lower bar than actually trying to convince them of the totally ludicrous possibility that the Republicans will come up with an adequate replacement for Obamacare.


Jerry Critter said…
The republican healthcare plan is to maximize the profits of the healthcare industry, maximize premiums, minimize payouts.
Green Eagle said…
That's pretty much the Republican plan for everything.

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